Cairo, Egypt

MS Monte Carlo

5 out of 5 stars
Dry Cleaning/​Laundry Service
Medical Assistance
Internet Access (Free Wi-Fi, Dial-Up)

First class accommodation on the Nile River

Visit ancient historical sites in style on MS Monte Carlo! Equipped with outside cabins, bathrooms with all the modern conveniences, an outdoor pool, and even a discotheque, this cruise ship has everything you need for the ideal vacation. Climb aboard to begin the fun with a non-alcoholic welcome drink and settle in before you get ready to enjoy your nightly entertainment such as the folkloric dance show, peruse the boutique gift shop, or go for a latte at the indoor cafe. There's even an activity room and fitness equipment on board to help you work off an excess energy you might have! 

MS Monte Carlo

Nile River
15662, Cairo, Egypt

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