Nyeri, Kenya

Treetops Hotel

4 out of 5 stars
Internet Access (Free Wi-Fi, Dial-Up)
Parking Garage

Watch the fauna of national reserves in their natural habitat

Staying at the Treetops Hotel in Aberdare is a quiet experience. With mandatory solt-soled shoes and hushed waiters, all are enjoying the show at the large watering hole. Elephants, rhino, buffalo, lions, hyenas, and more wander through the national park, meandering past the view from your room. This rustic excursion offers excellent animal spotting as well as being a wonderful place to stay overnight while traveling from one destination to another. With turrets, verandahs, ground-level hides, and decks all built with animal spotting in mind, you chance to see magnificent beasts rises exponentially. You can even see out over the watering hole from your room as you watch the wild animals from the comfort of modern conveniences.

Treetops Hotel

Aberdares National Park Entrance Gate
Nyeri, Kenya

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