Split, Croatia

52 ft Mediterranean Sailboat

2 out of 5 stars

Ahoy, Matey!

Get ready for the ultimate sailing experience! This unique accommodation allows you to get up-close and personal with the brilliant waters of the Adriatic Sea. Wake up each morning surrounded by glistening blue-green water, and dock at picturesque islands and historical cities. On this 52 foot sailboat, you'll feel like a true explorer!

While sailing along the Dalmatian Coast is a once in a lifetime experience, we just want to make sure you are completely aware that the amenities of a sailboat are far different from a traditional hotel. Please see the following notes regarding this accommodation.

1. Space is limited on the boat and especially in your cabin. You can only take soft sided luggage on board, such as a mid-sized backpack or soft duffel bag. (Less than 33 lbs)
Suitcases are not appropriate for our Sailing adventures as they are not pliable enough to fit into the niches available for luggage.

2. Fresh water is very limited on board, and as such we ask for your understanding that showers are limited to one quick shower per person a day.

3. It's important to note that the beds in the cabins are not the usual length of a standard bed. The length is approximately 6 feet

4. Electrical outlets on board are European style with 2 pins (240V), and are only operational while in port. It is recommended to bring an external battery pack for charging personal electronics.

5. This is a self-catering trip, and everybody will be expected to participate, cleaning up after themselves, and keeping the boat ship shape at all times (including washing the dishes, and emptying the bins when ashore.)

6. Physical Rating:
- You should be able to climb up small steep ladders, or walk over a wooden plank (without a handrail) when boarding/disembarking the vessel, and be physically able to carry your luggage.
- You will often be climbing in and out of the yachts inflatable tenders at beach landing spots, and boarding/disembarking the tender from the yacht in sometimes challenging conditions.
- Moving around the yacht while under sail can be challenging as it moves in the waves or heels over to its side.  You should be physically able, and comfortable, to move about in such conditions.

7. Rooming for these boats is assigned upon arrival and neither particular cabins, nor berths can be guaranteed. You will be sharing a bunk or double bed with your travel partner or one of your fellow passengers of the same sex and sharing the bathrooms onboard.

8. This is a real sailboat and not a cruise vessel and the space on board is tight. The sleeping quarters on sailboats are generally kept to a minimum size in order to maximize public space and performance.

9. Opportunities to sleep in open air on main deck are often available.

10. The skipper may also be sharing the ship's quarters and amenities with you.

Always remember that this is a true, authentic sailing experience - one you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life!

52 ft Mediterranean Sailboat

ACI Marina
Split, Croatia

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