Cartagena, Colombia

Hotel Capilla del Mar

4 out of 5 stars
Air-Conditioned Public Areas
Internet Access (Free Wi-Fi, Dial-Up)
Beauty Salon and Spa

Lovely location in Cartagena, Colombia with beautiful views

At the Capilla del Mar Hotel you can enjoy a lovely location in Cartagena, Colombia with beautiful views, making your stay a unique experience. In the midst of the tropical fresh breeze and the bright Caribbean sun, our Solarium pool is stunning. Relaxing at the 22nd floor deck is easy, with a beautiful view of the city and the Bocagrande neighborhood, in addition to the vast Caribbean Sea.

During your visit, the staff will be ready to assist in all your needs; order refreshing coconut lemonade, a paradisiac piña colada, or a tasty snack.

Hotel Capilla del Mar

Cra 1 No. 8 -12, Bocagrande
130015, Cartagena, Colombia

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