Otavalo, Ecuador

Las Palmeras Inn

3 out of 5 stars
Dry Cleaning/​Laundry Service*
Express Check-in and Check-Out
Room Service
Internet Access (Free Wi-Fi, Dial-Up)

Heritage and charm

A stay at Las Palmeras Inn is a stay in the 150-year heritage of this beautiful hacienda. Nestled in the Quichinche Valley and cradled between the lush mountains, the hotel is only two hours from Quito. Relax beside the crackling log fire while you take in the adobe walls, tiled roof, and towering palm trees. Take in the gorgeous sunrise over the Imbabura Volcano before heading to town to peruse the indigenous markets or exploring the lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and parks surrounding the hotel. 

Las Palmeras Inn

San José de Quichinche s/n
sector La Banda,
100450, Otavalo, Ecuador

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