8 Amazing Events in Reykjavík This September

By Nicole Hoey

As September rolls into Reykjavík, the fun of the summer months has yet to fade. The city is full of exciting festivals and celebrations that are sure to immerse you in the Icelandic experience. Here are 8 amazing events in Reykjavík this September!

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1. Réttir

Réttir is one of the oldest cultural events in Iceland, and it revolves around sheep. This month-long tradition acts as a nationwide roundup of farmers’ sheep that roam the country’s vast terrain. The farmers invite townspeople and visitors alike to participate in the sheep’s retrieval as they celebrate the event with local music, picnics and more. This is a great event to attend if you want a full Icelandic culture immersion!

2. Bears on Ice

Started back in 2005, Bears on Ice is a mens-only social event weekend, aimed to immerse guests in a gay-friendly Icelandic experience. With the days planned out for you, including trips to the famous Blue Lagoon and musical performances, you couldn’t ask for a better way to explore Reykjavík and Iceland! You can catch the tail end of Bears on Ice on September 1.

3. Reykjavík Jazz Festival

Held in various venues across the city, the Reykjavík Jazz Festival is the longest-running music festival in Iceland. The event is known for its celebration of modern jazz, with the help of both local and international guests. Listen and relax to some jazz tunes from September 4-8.

4. The Night of Lights

From September 4-8, discover the various musical, cultural, and theatrical events that are a part of The Night of Lights. This 4-day family-friendly festival celebrates the local lifestyle, ending with a booming fireworks display on the last day. The Night of Lights takes place in the gorgeous Reykjanes peninsula, about a 40 minute drive from Reykjavík, from September 4-8.
Address: Reykjanes Peninsula, Suðurnes

5. Iceland v. Moldova

Watch Iceland’s national league football (or soccer, depending on where you’re from) team fight against Moldova to qualify for the Union of European Football Associations Championship. The game is set to be played on September 7, and it is sure to be an exciting matchup!
Address: Laugardalsvöllur, Reykjavík, Iceland

6. K-Iceland Festival Reykjavík 2019 13-15

Come discover kizomba, an Angolan music and dance genre, this September 13-15 at the K-Iceland Festival. The event has various workshops before the music parties themselves, allowing you to learn about the musical style before the fun really begins!

7. Autumn Equinox

The Northern Lights will once again paint the sky after the Autumn Equinox this year. This happens because, after the equinox, the sky becomes dark enough to see the lights in their full glory. If stargazing is in your plans, make sure you visit Iceland after September 23 to get your best chance to see the lights!

8. Reykjavík International Film Festival

Commonly known as RIFF, this film festival is one of the largest cultural events in Iceland each year. RIFF brings international and local guests together to celebrate the cinematic industry in all its forms, from producing to directing to showing inspiring, innovative independent films. Starting on September 26, you can see some of the greatest new films and find out who wins the illustrious Golden Puffin, the award for best director!

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