8 Exciting Ways to Explore Reykjavik this March

By Megan Millisky

Reykjavik, Iceland is a vacation spot like no other! This March, explore the Icelandic wilderness on a bus tour and attend an art exhibit in HallgrĂ­mstorg! See waterfalls, wild horses, and Northern Lights. Read on to discover the eight best ways to see it all in Reykjavik this March!

1. Golden Circle Bus Tour

Take a bus tour of the Golden Circle! This full-day exploration takes you from one incredible sight to the next. You’ll see Gullross Waterfall, Thingvellir Valley, Geysir hot springs, and glacial rivers. The tour stops in Hveragerði, where wild Icelandic horses roam free!

Address: Tour includes pickup from your hotel

2. Reykjavik Design Festival

Join this city-wide design festival! You can see everything from graphic design to fashion to furniture. There are over 100 exhibitions happening throughout Reykjavik. Try local food, listen to a Design Talk, or learn about Iceland’s architecture at this fascinating show.

Address: Tjarnargata 11, 101 ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

3. Legacy Art Exhibition

Visit the famous Hallgrimskirkja after Sunday Service for an art exhibit! March 1, explore the Legacy exhibition. This free art exhibit gives you the chance to wander through Hallgrimskirkja, a must-see when in Reykjavik.

Address: HallgrĂ­mstorg 101, 101 ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

4. Visit the Sun Voyager

This is your opportunity for a perfect vacation picture! The Sun Voyager is one of Iceland’s most famous sculptures, with hundreds of visitors trekking to see it each year. This sculpture symbolizes hope and light, and is open to view through March.

Address: SĂŚbraut, 101 ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

5. See the Northern Lights

Watch in wonder as the sky lights up in bright colors! Through March, take a tour to see the Northern Lights. Guides will be able to drive you to the best spots and help you set your camera to capture the Lights.

Address: Laugavegur 120, 101 ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

6. Offertorium

Listen to the Iceland Symphony Orchestra! Head to this concerto concert on March 26 to hear Rachmaninoff’s Symphony no. 2. The concert takes place at the famous Harpa Concert Hall!

Address: Austurbakki 2, 101 ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

7. National Museum of Iceland

Wander the halls of this museum to learn about the history and heritage of Reykjavik! See thousands of photographs and artifacts from Iceland’s past. Saturdays through March, catch a guided tour through the “Making of a Nation” exhibition for free.

Address: SuĂ°urgata 41 101 ReykjavĂ­k Iceland

8. ÁrbÌr Open Air Museum

If you’re traveling as a family, this destination is perfect for you! At this open-air museum, you’ll find a toy exhibition for kids. For adults, wander through this museum at your leisure and discover the “Reykjavik in the 20th Century” exhibit.

Address: 4, 110, Kistuhylur, ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

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