8 Amazing Things You Must Do in India

By Michelle Yastremsky

Vibrantly-colored palaces, tombs carved out of stone, markets overflowing with loose-leaf teas and spices - there’s no place in the world quite like India. While there’s no one way to experience India, there are a few India must-sees and must-dos that absolutely must be on your India bucket list.

Here are 8 experiences you simply can’t miss during your India vacation!

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See the Taj Mahal at Sunrise

Beauty at dawn.

Get an early start at one of India’s most iconic structures, in time for the sunrise, sure to help take your Taj Mahal experience above and beyond. Fun fact: This amazing place was actually constructed as a monument of love for Shah Jahan’s favorite wife.

Hit the Markets

From apparel to spices.

Spices, paint powder, teas for the tasting - whether shopping for that perfect vacation souvenir for friends or yourself, a visit to one of India’s many markets is an adventure in itself.

Take a ride on a rickshaw

Sightsee through the streets!

Hop on and hold on tight as you make your way through maze-like streets and action-packed squares in India’s rickshaws. This ride

Eat Indian food

…and lots of it!

Indian food is what a foodie’s dreams are made of! Get adventurous with the flavors if you’re an adventurous eater or stick to the classic yet equally-delicious chicken tikka alongside a freshly baked piece of garlic Naan (naan for you, more for me).

Find your inner atma

Morning yoga, anyone?

Start your days off with meditation at a nearby temple or perhaps skip away to a yoga retreat. Or perhaps do yoga while catching that sunrise at the Taj Mahal - this is your India adventure!

Make your way through the Kerala Backwaters

A labyrinth of waters.

Snake through the lakes and lagoons that make up this massive chain of waters in southern India.

Plan a Plantation Visit

Learn, see, and sample.

From tea plantations to spice farms, get down to the root of India's culinary magic with a trip to a plantation.

See a Traditional Show

Forget Bollywood! See some Bharatanatyam, instead.

Vibrantly colored costumes, elaborate makeup, rhythmic dance, and chilling tunes, the traditional dances and performances of India are truly one-of-a-kind. Depending on what region you are visiting, you will encounter diverse stylings; see Kathakali in the southwest, Kathak in the north, Manipuri in the northeast, or perhaps Bharatanatyam in the south.

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