Ancient Sites Aliens (May Have) Visited

By Rachael Funk

The planet is packed with incredible antiquities from the generations which came before us. Architectural feats which have survived millennia inspire curiosity and awe in visitors from all over the world. From the mysterious ruins of South America to the Pyramids of Egypt, zany conspiracy theories have been spun about popular sites and locations. In the spirit of adventure, here are a few of our favorite (and, thus far, unproven) stories of extraterrestrial involvement in world-famous sites and lesser-known travel destinations.

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Easter Island, Chile

The mystery of Easter Island has intrigued minds since the 1700s. Each of the almost 900 head statues (called moai) which stud the island’s landscape are carved from stone, average 13 feet tall, and weigh about 14 tons each. In 2015, it was discovered that the heads on Easter Island are not just heads but entire statues with bodies covered in petroglyphs and buried neck-deep. Author Eric Von Daniken ventured a theory that instead of the moai being carved by the inhabitants of the island, they were actually sculpted by marooned aliens with lasers. Once they returned to space, he guessed the citizens attempted to recreate the statues without the use of extraterrestrial support, but failed and abandoned the project, leaving behind the unfinished figures they couldn’t complete or move.

Baalbek, Lebanon

Megalith blocks found the trilithons which are estimated to weigh over 3 million pounds have been the source of much discussion. The Juniper temple is also a spot in Baalbek which has inspired alien theorists to turn their attention toward Lebanon. Some believe that Baalbek, which was named after the sky god Baal, was where Baal first arrived on Earth and was built a platform by aliens in order to have a place to land and take off from when he visited. The size of the building blocks is not only enigmatic in and of itself, but the purpose of the site is still utterly unknown.

Teotihuacán, Mexico

This city which predates the Aztecs is best known for its structures such as the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. The area is shrouded in mystery not just for its pyramids but for the puzzling and sudden disappearance of its inhabitants. Due to the advanced mathematical principles which would have been required to build the pyramids and the alignment of the structures with space formations, many people are willing to extend the belief that aliens may have been involved with the creation of the sites. Digs in the city have found stores of liquid mercury, mica in the walls, and other unexplained and unidentified items which have fueled speculation of extraterrestrial involvement.

Sardinia, Italy

The island of Sardinia is full of carefully assembled structures, megalithic graves, and meticulously crafted figurines and artwork. Notably, the island’s ancient statues of giants with peculiar features and hidden messages found in artwork have lead some to believe aliens have visited Italy as well. Instead of aliens, some researchers believe the mysterious island is actually home to the lost city of Atlantis.

Stonehenge, England

Since there is little evidence to reveal how England’s Stonehenge was actually built, conjecture has suggested perhaps aliens had something to do with moving the stones, which weigh up to 50 tons. Believed to be constructed in 3000 BC, Stonehenge seems to be a nearly impossible feat without outside assistance. Some theories say aliens made contact with ancient civilizations and shared their vast knowledge and skills to get the job done.

The Pyramids, Egypt

A wild theory that advanced aliens built the Great Pyramid of Giza has recently been supported by a striking coincidence. The speed of light, which is theorized to be the only way to time travel, is 299,792,458 meters per second. That doesn’t seem to point to extraterrestrials on its own, however it was pointed out that the coordinates of the Great Pyramid are 29.9792458°N, many more theories were born. A popular one is that this exact spot was chosen but outside forces deliberately chose this spot, then traveled back in time from the future to build the monuments. As the pyramids tend to align with celestial bodies and magnetic north, many choose to believe these famous structures were not built by humans.

Delphi Site, Greece

The stone masonry in Delphi is nearly identical to the stone masonry found in Sacsayhuaman, Peru, which is also considered a site where extraterrestrial involvement may have occurred. The Oracle of Delphi, located in the Temple of Parnassus, was said to have sat on a golden tripod over a fissure in the in order to breathe in the breath of Apollo, then communicate with a mysterious invisible force. Some say whatever she was breathing in was an intoxicant, other say it was definitely aliens.

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