8 Awesome Things to Discover in Reykjavik this January

By Megan Millisky

January is one of Reykjavik’s quietest months. It's only light for a few hours a day, and the city is often covered in snow. Adventurous travelers looking for a magical trip know it’s the perfect time to go! Here are eight ways to maximize one amazing trip.

1. Iceland Symphony at Dark Music Days

You won’t want to miss the 40th-anniversary shows of Dark Music Days. On January 30, take in the sounds of this accordion concerto. The Iceland Symphony Orchestra will be performing as well.

Address: Austurbakki 2, 101 ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

2. Visit Vatnajökull Ice Caves

January is an ideal time to explore Iceland’s ice caves. With temperatures that can plunge well below zero, this adventure is not for the faint of heart!

Address: Vatnajokull Iceland

3. Viennese Favorites at Harpa Concert Hall

Listen to the sounds of Strauss, Tchaikovsky, and more! Head to Iceland’s Harpa Concert Hall January 9-11. The program features the works of a few lesser-known composers - Mélanie Bonis and Amy Beach.

Address: 5329+55 ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

4. Bubbly Bonfire New Years Eve Extravaganza

One of Reykjavik’s most popular wintertime activities is their New Year’s Eve Bonfires! If you’re in Reykjavik from December 31- January 1, check out these community bonfires that go late into the night. Locals and visitors alike gather at Hallgrímskirkja church at midnight - it offers the best view of fireworks.

Address: HallgrĂ­mstorg 101, 101 ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

5. Bartok at Harpa Concert Hall

This Bartok Concert is a great way to warm up from the snow. You’ll hear a violin concerto, as well as compositions from popular composer Anne Clyne. The show, on January 23, is sure to please classical music lovers.

Address: Austurbakki 2, 101 ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

6. Northern Lights

Through January, see one of the world’s most beloved natural phenomenons - the Northern Lights. While you can see the lights on your own, it’s helpful to go with a guided tour to ensure the best spots to see the lights. Popular boat tours leave from Reykjavík harbor and last about three hours.

Address: Ægisgarður 101 Reykjavík Iceland

7. Bowling Tournament

Spend a night out bowling at this fun tournament! IR Bowling Club will be hosting this annual competition which begins on January 25.

Address: 112 ReykjavĂ­k, Iceland

8. Hiking Sólheimajökull

January is an ideal month for hiking on Reykjavik’s many glaciers. One of the easiest to climb is Sólheimajökull. Daily tours run through January, and provide transportation from Reykjavik to the site of the hike.

Address: Sólheimajökull Iceland

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