The 10 Best Beaches in Honolulu to Visit

By Bridget Castner

If you love getting lost in the natural beauty of an island utopia with sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, then you'll want to take a trip to Honolulu. Boasting warm weather all year-round, it's the perfect destination to visit any time of the year. Ready to get your fill of some sun? Here are the 10 best beaches in Honolulu!

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki is one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii. With white sandy shores and sky high palm trees, Waikiki Beach is the perfect place to soak in some sun and gaze out into the blue seas. This is an open-access beach and is accessible from downtown, though it boasts some of the best hotels in Honolulu. You can surf or canoe if that’s your preference, or go for a swim in the serene waters under the comforting warmth of the sun!

Lanikai Beach

Warm golden sands and the clearest water in Hawaii make up the Lanikai Beach. It’s the perfect place for photos and watching the sunrise, or simply lounging in the sun. There are two islands less than one mile offshore with bird sanctuaries accessible via kayak; You can even go for a swim or snorkel with fish and sea turtles!

Sans Souci Beach

If you’re into a less crowded scene, Sans Souci is the place to be! Located at the end of Waikiki Beach, Sans Souci is the most family-friendly beach in Honolulu. The waters aren’t too deep and the currents aren’t as strong, making it a great place to splash around under the bright blue skies. The term “Sans Souci” just so happens to mean “carefree, without worries” which is the perfect way to describe a day at this exquisite beach!

Ala Moana Beach Park

This is another great family-friendly beach in Honolulu, with stretches of shady trees and picnic tables perfect for spending the day. The beach park boasts half a mile of warm sands and sparkling azure waters as well as tennis courts, concession stands, lots of open green grass, and a kids park!

Kahala Beach

Kahala Beach is a secluded oasis in Honolulu with serene, golden shores and crystal clear waters. It’s the perfect beach to watch the sunrise or sunset, and it’s also pet-friendly. The waters are shallow enough that your furry friend can go for a swim, and you can even see some of the colorful coral that lives in the ocean!

Magic Island

A man-made peninsula at the east end of Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island is one of the most interesting beaches in Honolulu. It was created in 1964 and has a protected swimming lagoon, a biking trail, and a grassy picnic area included in a 30-acre park. There is a tremendous view of Honolulu from this blissful paradise, and is a great place to swim or snorkel as well!

Kailua Beach

With its bright golden sands and soothing warm water, Kailua Beach is a great beach to unwind! Lay your blanket out in the sand and catch a tan, or watch the wind and kite surfers out on the ocean waves. Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are common activities that many travelers and locals enjoy. There are even barbeque pits that visitors can use!

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

If Waimanalo Beach looks familiar to you, that’s because it was a filming location for Magnum P.I. The beach was also home to “Hawaii” author James A. Michener in the 50’s. This family-friendly space is perfect for swimming, surfing, and fishing as well as bodyboarding. The park is filled with scenic views of distant islands including Makapu’s cliffs and lighthouse.

Sherwood Beach

This beach is a little off-the-beaten-path in Honolulu, but locals and tourists alike love it! Similar to other beaches in the area, Sherwood Beach features gorgeous golden sands, turquoise waters, and has magnificent views of the Ko’olau Mountains. Lined with ironwood pines from the Sherwood Forest, you can camp under the trees and watch the stars at night. During the day, visitors can enjoy swimming or learning how to boogie board at this more secluded beach in Honolulu.

Bellows Field Beach Park

Like most beaches in Hawaii, Bellows Field Beach Park is great for fishing, surfing, and kayaking. There are restrooms and picnic areas visitors can use, as well as a shallow sandbar off the beach which is great for body surfing and bodyboarding. Please Note that Bellows Beach Park is also located on an Air Force Base which hosts active military trainings and may be subject to closure at any time without notice.


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