The 10 Best Things to do in Casa de Campo

By Soren Rivero

Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez are just two famous icons that have stayed at this massive resort – but other than drawing in celebrity guests, what’s there actually to do here? Well, to satisfy your curiousity, here are 10 of the best things to do in Casa de Campo!

Golfing, Golfing, and More Golfing

Casa de Campo has some of the best golfing spots in the DR, and arguably some of the best in the western hemisphere! The resort boasts three beautiful and enormous Pete Dye designed golf courses – even Tiger Woods said these courses are a challenge!

The three golf courses available at Casa de Campo go as follows: the Dye Fore, the Links, and the Teeth of the Dog. Talk about peculiar naming, huh? Well, the names are quite fitting considering the complexity of each of them. All three span across the entirety of the resort, with each possessing at least 15 holes.

Fun fact: the Teeth of the Dog is the Caribbean’s #1 rated golf course, and even #27 in the world.

Kicking Back at the Resort

One thing that often intrigues guests is how enormous Casa de Campo is, so much so that it appears to be a small city itself. With over 7,000 acres of land, Casa de Campo is separated into a few distinct villas. Each villa presents guests with different themed rooms, views, amenities, and fun things to do in Casa de Campo. The similarity between them all is how incredibly easy it is to relax!

You can relax at the resort’s numerous stunning pools, or treat yourself with some rejuvenation at the premier spa on-site! Whether you want to lounge in the sun while gazing at the garden or get a massage and aromatherapy treatments, there’s always a relaxing thing to do in Casa de Campo!

Hit the Beach

No trip to the Caribbean is complete without bathing in the glorious sun rays and dousing yourself in bright blue ocean water. Luckily, Casa de Campo is just a few blocks away from the coastline of the Caribbean Sea, which makes it super easy to take a deep sea adventure at any time of the day!

Take your towel and lay in the sun, or let the waves pour over your skin during your beach activities in Casa de Campo. The resort’s pride and joy, Minitas Beach, is a private sanctuary where you can swim, snorkel, kayak, and more. There are also additional hidden beaches and islands such as Catalina and Saona Islands which are equally as beautiful and entertaining.

Ride Around on a Golf Cart

Regardless of whether you golf or not, one of the most interesting and exciting things to do in Casa de Campo is to ride around on a golf cart!

Renting a golf cart is available at the resort and courses. Depending on where you rent, you might be able to take them across the resort, though others may require you to stay within course limits.

Take a Boat Ride

Why not experience the seaside lifestyle inherent to the Dominican Republic by taking a boat ride? There are plenty of options for boat rides near Casa de Campo in 2022, all you have to do is either ask the staff at the resort or search online.

You can even get a guide to take you to one of three popular destinations: Saona Island, Isla Catalina, and Palmanilla. Each of them offer different activities and views, so take some time to consider which one would fit your itinerary the best.

Have the Night(life) Experience of a Lifetime

Casa de Campo is popular for its golfing, beaches, and aquatic activities, but that doesn’t mean the resort lacks nightlife activities. In fact, there’s plenty of fun things to do at night in Casa de Campo!

The first activity is something you’ll actually start during the daytime: a merengue lesson. Merengue is the Dominican’ Republic’s national dance style and is a wonderful way to embrace the native culture. A complimentary lesson is available at the beach during sunny hours.

When you feel like you’ve mastered those dance moves, you can dance the night away at the best nightclub in Casa de Campo: the Genesis Nightclub. With great music, an electrifying atmosphere, and incredible drinks, this experience will surely have you feeling like the star of your own show.

Say “SUP” to the Ocean Creatures!

SUP is an acronym for stand-up paddle boarding, which is a popular activity in Casa de Campo. There are paddle board rentals all around the coast, with the most popular destination being the nearby Minitas Beach. It’s a great way to cool down if you get too hot while relaxing on the sandy beach, and you’re free to take a dip in the water anytime, then continue on paddle boarding.

A good place to go for some extra fun is Bayahibe, where you can take a paddle boarding guided tour. Some of them might even take you down the beautiful Chavón River!

Get Some Target Practice at a Shooting Range

Want to make your stay at Casa de Campo extra unique?

There are over 200 outdoor shooting stations in Casa de Campo where you can shoot at various targets. Lessons are also available in which a professional trains you on how to handle a rifle. Tournaments and hunting simulations (with clay devices, not live animals) are also available for those who want a really thrilling experience!

Visit the Famous Altos de Chavón

You simply can’t leave Casa de Campo without visiting the resort’s most prized possession: the Altos de Chavón! This intricate area is located at the highest point in the resort and is a 16th century Mediterranean-style countryside village.

Altos de Chavón is the social, artistic, and historical heart of Casa de Campo. Nearly every detail, from the cobblestone streets to the ancient museums, are handcrafted by a select few creative artisans. The artwork is must-see here, as artists from every corner of the world come to learn and share their work. The Altos de Chavón School of Design is even affiliated with the Parson’s School of Design in New York, making it a popular destination for students and local artists. There’s also ample museums, cafés, restaurants, an amphitheater, and nonstop stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

Consider Your Options Outside of Casa de Campo

While there’s plenty for you to do in Casa de Campo, it’s generally good for you to consider looking at all the other exciting things to do in the Dominican Republic that can make your trip more memorable. You can:

  • Embark on a dirt bike journey
  • See the mesmerizing 27 Chacos
  • Visit the Three Eyes National Park (Los Tres Ojos)
  • Take pictures in the Zona Colonial

Adding some extra options to your itinerary will surely make your next Dominican Republic vacation everything you’ve ever dreamed about, and more!


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