The 10 Best Events in Venice this January

By Megan Millisky

Start planning your post-holiday vacation to Venice! There are so many things to try in Venice. Start by taking a gondola-rowing class! Celebrate Saint Anthony’s Day with a feast. Or, take in a classical New Year’s concert. Read on to discover 10 reasons why Venice is the perfect place to spend your January vacation.

1. New Year’s Day Swim at Lido Beach

January 1, take a freezing swim in the waters of Lido Beach! Over 2000 people watch this fun tradition. Swimmers jump in the freezing water at 11 AM. There will be a waltz and a filling meal to warm the swimmers after their plunge! Dine on sausage, wine, and lentils - a traditional New Year’s Day meal.

Address: Lungomare Gabriele D' Annunzio, 30126 Lido VE, Italy

2. Saint Anthony’s Day

On January 17, celebrate the Festa di San Antonio Abate. This feast day represents the patron saint of butchers and animals, and it sets off the Carnevale season.

Address: Venice Venezia Metropolitan City of Venice Italy

3. Venice New Year’s Concert

December 31-January 1, welcome the New Year in elegance at this Venitian New Year’s Concert! For the first half of the 15th annual concert, you’ll hear orchestral music and an opera section in the second half of the show. Don’t miss out on this harmonious way to start your year off right.

Address: Campo San Fantin, 1965, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

4. Bologna si Sposa

Whether you’re planning a wedding or just looking for somewhere to shop, stop by Bologna Si Sposa January 11-12. This expo can help you plan your dream wedding or honeymoon. Find a perfect wedding cake, reception meals, dresses, DJs, and much more!

Address: Via S. Felice, 24, 40122 Bologna BO, Italy

5. Antique Show

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure at Pordenone Antiquaria! This international antique show has everything. Search through old paintings, jewelry, art, and refurbished goods. There is also a showcase of valuable or rare antiques.

Address: 33170 Pordenone, Province of Pordenone, Italy

6. Venice Rowing Lessons

Through January 6, learn the traditional Venitian style of rowing a gondola while standing up. Classes begin at 5:30 PM, perfect for watching the sunset from the water.

Address: Venice Venezia Metropolitan City of Venice Italy

7. CosmoComix Venice

January 11-12, explore entertainment in this engrossing comic con. There will be booths dedicated to manga, anime, TV shows, movies, games, and more. Popular authors and YouTubers attend the events as well!

Address: Address/text here

8. Epiphany and Befana

January 6 is considered a national holiday in Italy. Ephiphany is the 12th day of Christmas, which celebrates the arrival of the good witch La Befana. Don’t miss the traditional celebration of La Regata delle Befane - senior oarsmen dress up as La Befana and row through the Grand Canal.

Address: 30100 Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

9. Mondomare

Explore Mondomare, an event all about the sea and fishing, on January 31. Vendors will be selling fishing accessories, boat parts, and much more.

Address: Via Niccolò Tommaseo, 59, 35131 Padova PD, Italy

10. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Ballet

January 2, 18, and 25, check out this famous four-part ballet. Hearing Four Seasons in Vivaldi’s hometown is an especially memorable event to plan for your vacation.

Address: Dorsoduro, 2617, 30123 Venezia VE, Italy

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