Global Breakfast Specialties Worth Traveling For

By Michelle Yastremsky

Pancakes or cereal? Fruit or yogurt? Blood pudding or churros? Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but one thing is for sure – there’s no single way to indulge in the mornings!

From Russia’s cheese-filled syrniki to the crunchy and colorful hagelslag in the Netherlands, here are 10 breakfast specialties from around the world that you’ll want to wake up for.

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Hagelslag • Netherlands

Translating literally to “hailstorm,” hagelslag refers to the wild variety of sprinkles that Dutch people sprinkle on their bread! Chocolate is the most popular flavor, but you’ll find flavors ranging from fruit to licorice hagelslag to sprinkle over your breakfast spread.

Churros • Spain

Spain’s traditional breakfast choice of churros make it easier to start the day off on a sweet note. Travel through the country and you’ll notice many regions have their own take on this traditional treat, such as Madrid’s infamous churros con chocolate.

Shakshuka • Israel

Bold in flavor and vibrant in color, Shakshuka consists of poached eggs which swim in a savory sauce of tomatoes, onions, and peppers infused with spices to taste. Don’t forget the pita bread or challah to soak up the remaining juices!

Rösti • Switzerland

Translated literally to “crisp and golden,” Swiss Rösti are simple to make and easy to customize to one’s tastes. This potato fritter-type dish originally started as a breakfast for farmers but has become a mainstream breakfast staple.

Semmelknoede • Bavaria, Germany

Leftover bread dumplings are a breakfast favorite in the Bavarian bit of Germany. In fact, this dish is so beloved for breakfast that many cooks will make extra dumplings in the evening to ensure they have enough leftovers for the morning.

Syrniki • Russia

In Russia and throughout most of Eastern Europe, you’ll encounter these cottage cheese pancakes on breakfast menus. These golden-fried beauties are commonly served alongside of toppings including jam, honey and most importantly – sour cream.

Full English Breakfast • England

There’s nothing quite like a full English breakfast to get you started on a full day sightseeing. This hearty platter consists of sausage, bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, toast, and optionally black pudding and baked beans.

Full Irish Breakfast • Ireland

The full Irish breakfast and full English breakfast may seem nearly identical, but you'll notice a lack of beans and grilled tomatoes in Ireland's version of the ultimate morning meal.

Croissants • France

Flaky, buttery croissants paired with a freshly brewed cup of tea – what could be better? France is known for their overabundance of bakeries, so there is no shortage of freshly baked specialties to enjoy. This baked treasure is usually enjoyed dry without added toppings, but a dunk into your cup of tea or hot chocolate is acceptable!

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