8 Captivating Events in Athens This September

By Nicole Hoey

Athens is known for its iconic monuments rooted in the past. Greece’s capital city has a wide variety of events that celebrate the country’s history and also bring the nation into the future. Check out these 8 captivating events in Athens this September!

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1. The Greek Dances Theatre

Interested in seeing how traditional Greek dance is done? The outdoor Dora Stratou Theatre puts on a performance known as “the living museum of Greek dance” from September 1-22. Each performance highlights a new kind of regional dance every Wednesday. The show includes 2,000 authentic costumes and jewelry made over a century ago, making it seem like you’ve really traveled back in time to the Athens of the past!
Address: Dora Stratou Theatre, Scholiou 8, Athina 105 58, Greece

2. Archaic Colors Exhibit

To the ancient Greeks, colors were used to represent strength, bravery and other traits when painted on a sculpture. The Acropolis Museum dedicated an entire collection to showing off these brightly colored pieces through the entire month of September. Not only can you check out some vibrant, well-preserved artifacts, you can also explore what traits the Ancient Greeks valued most.
Address: Acropolis Museum, Dionysiou Areopagitou, Athens, Greece

3. Oedipus Rex By Fimonoi Theater Group

Until September 26, you can see one of the most famous Greek tragedies of all time. Weaving together themes of family, power, and destiny, the play focuses on Oedipus and his rise to the throne. Originally performed in 429 BC and written by Sophocles, this tale plunges into the world of the ancient Greeks better than any other.
Address: Athinais Theatre, Kastorias 34, Athina 104 47, Greece

4. The Athens International Film Festival

The Athens International Film Festival prides itself on showing a wide variety of genres within the independent film category. About 60,000 film buffs flock to the event each year, eager to see the next big hits in the industry. This year marks the 24th year of the festival, occurring from September 19-30.
Address: The festival has many performances in theaters across Athens, which can be on their website here.

5. Genisis tis Panagias

Religion is so much a part of Greek identity, holidays that represent significant events in divine history are widely celebrated. Translated to Genesis of Our Lady, the Spetember 8th event honors the Virgin Mary's birth. Churches across Athens have massive feasts and gatherings to enjoy the festivities and it's a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Greek culture!

6. Djangofest

Music festivals are a great way to delve into to new genres, and Djangofest is no exception. This festival embraces the culture of "gypsy jazz," a unique spin-off of traditional jazz predominantly features the guitar. Djangofest will be held on September 14 and 15 this year as it celebrates the legacy of gypsy jazz’s founding father, Django Reinhardt!
Address: Technopolis, Athens 118 54, Greece

7. Feast of the Holy Cross

September 14 marks the Feast of the Holy Cross, celebrating the importance of the cross in religious traditions. Visitors are welcome to attend church events in the city as the region prepares grand feasts and wine for the day. This event is one of the best ways to get involved in local traditions, so don’t shy away from them!

8. Athens Flying Week

See fantastic jets fly all around as you enjoy Athens Flying Week, a spectacular air show on September 21-22. The events include taking photos with pilots, seeing fighter planes up close, and more. If you want to learn more about aviation, or just want to grab some good food, sit back and relax. This event can’t be beat.
Address: Tanagra Air Base, Schimatari 320 09, Greece

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