Country Dreams: Scotland

By Amanda Little

Get a taste of the beautiful country of Scotland. Read its literature to learn some of its history, find the rhythm of its cities in its songs, and see if you can pick apart their accent in their movies!
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Listen to the strength and grace of Scotland

Stomp away with the energetic drums, sway with the bagpipes, and dance to the violins. No Irish night out is complete without its distinct music!

The Wild Mountain Thyme by The Corries

A classic song by a classic Scottish band to start off your vacation.

Scotland the Brave

Feel a touch patriotic for a land you're about to visit.

Loch Lomond cover by Peter Hollens

Enjoy a timeless classic done with a modern twist.

Egyptian by Clanadonia

Enjoy old-styled Scottish music by a new age Scottish band.

Explore the Highlands on paper first!

  • Electric Brae by Andrew Greig
    Get caught in the tangled love story that flows to and from the Scottish shore with an oil rig worker in the North Sea. Meet legends of Scotland’s past, including the Old Man of Hoy, and enjoy the parallels drawn between an everyday story and the amazing and mysterious legends of the land.

  • Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson
    Get swept away in this nautical adventure set after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. Follow a young Lowlander on his journey of being caught to be sold as a slave, rescued by a Highlander, and more as the novel explores the wild Scotland of old.

  • Whiskey Galore by Compton Mackenzie
    Brush up on some Gaelic while reading this fun tale that draws on a true story. The S.S. Politician set out from Liverpool to Jamaica in 1941 only to be wrecked off the Outer Hebrides. The Scottish locals were able to plunder 28,000 cases of whisky from it, and have to keep it out of the English’s hands as they try to recover it. This fun tale highlights some of the little aspects of Scottish life, as well as an entertaining read and a Gaelic glossary to help with some of the words used in the book.

  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie: A Novel by Muriel Spark
    Muriel Spark’s tale of Miss Jean Brodie came to embody an entire generation of Edinburgh women. With her unconventional ways, blatant favoritism, and forward thinking, she became someone both alluring and terrifying.

Acclimate yourself to the lively Scottish culture

Watch as favorite characters or new heros bring the beauty of Ireland to life on the silver screen. Then explore the landscapes for your self to experience how much better it is in person!

Braveheart (1995)

The Water Horse (2007)

Not Another Happy Ending (2013)

Brave (2012)

The Wicker Man (1973).

Travel Expert Tips for Scotland

As you can't learn everything about a country from watching a movie, our expert Travel Editor's have listed some more of the important things to know about Scotland.

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