Country Dreams: Thailand

By Jessica Russo

Nowadays, everybody wants to go to Thailand! With bright turquoise waters, overwhelming rock formations, tasty street food, fairytale-like national parks, bustling cities, and ornate temples, how could you not?

Books You Won't be Able to Phuket Down

Whether you're an avid reader or you haven't picked up a book in years, you won't be able to put down these books about Thailand's fascinating history, culture, and cuisine.

Music That Won't Make You Krabi

Dance the day away and get in the groove of picturesque beach paradise! From energetic pop to tranquil instrumentals, hear the sounds of beautiful Thailand.

A fun song by one of Thailand's hottest pop groups!

Practice your moves! Become mesmerized by the music of during this traditional Thai dance.

Find your inner peace with this tranquil instrumental medley of Thai instruments, like bamboo flutes, Ranats (similar to xylophones), and Khong Mong Leks (small gongs).

En-thai-cing Movies

What better way to get excited about Thailand than to watch movies that make you feel like you're actually there? Take a break from your reading about awesome things to do in Thailand, packing and make some popcorn - or pick up some crispy seasweed strips, prawn crackers, or rice cookies - and enjoy a relaxing movie night!

The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Tropical Malady

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