Let's Get Crackin: 13 Ways Eggs Are Eaten Around the World

By Amanda Little

While pancakes and waffles are fun breakfast foods, nothing quite beats the combination of bacon and eggs, except perhaps, some of these scrumptious egg-based foods. While not all are eaten for breakfast, all look tasty enough to try!

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Greece • Avgolemono Soup

You won’t see the egg in this dish, but make no mistake, avgolemono soup is half made of egg. Chicken stock is mixed with whisked eggs, lemon juice, and rice until beautifully creamy. It can be topped off with shredded chicken, veggies, or ground meat.

UK• Scotch egg

Although this dish is called a Scotch egg, these tasty eggs are popular all over the UK. A hard-boiled egg is wrapped in sausage, coated in breadcrumbs, and fried or baked. Eaten as a snack or with breakfast, these little bombs of flavor are a hit.

Sri Lanka • Egg hopper

Dig into the charming egg hopper, a popular street food in Sri Lanka that combines a thin pancake and an egg. The pancake made from rice flour and coconut milk holds its bowl-shape, and an egg is cooked into the bottom of it, making for a tasty meal or snack on the go.

China • Century eggs

Indulge in the Chinese delicacy of the century egg, which has been buried in the golden tombs of emperors past for 100 years...just kidding. These eggs are actually only a few weeks old, but that’s still longer than the shelf life of the average egg. Buried and preserved in a concoction of salt, quicklime, clay, ricehulls, and ash, these eggs take on a gelatinous texture and briny taste. It can be done with duck, chicken, or quail eggs, and is traditionally called pidan.

Japan • Tamagoyaki

Dig into the fluffy, sushi-like Japanese version of an omelette. Layers of cooked egg have been rolled together, and sometimes have cheese, veggies, or even edible flowers mixed in. They’re cooked in a special rectangular pan, which helps give them their distinct shape.

Israel • Shakshuka

Tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, bell peppers, cumin and a variety of spices make up most of shakshuka, but the eggs poached in the delicious savory sauce is what makes it a meal. This hearty dish can be enjoyed at any time of day.

France • Croque Madame

The croque monsieur is a well known dish, and certainly anyone visiting France should try, but the croque madame is a spin on the ham and cheese sandwich, by adding a fried or poached egg. Pick out the perfect cafe, order le chocolat chaud or un cafe, and tuck in to a delicious croque madame.

Tunisia • Brik

Use your hands or fork and knife to enjoy this light, flaky pastry that has been wrapped around a whole egg, tuna, harissa, and onion, then deep fried and topped with cheese. Having brik for a meal may sit in your stomach like a brick, but it’ll be worth is for the delicious savory taste. Sometimes wrapped as a triangle, and sometimes treated like a burrito, this dish is perfect for any meal.

Mexico • Huevos rancheros

The mouthwatering egg scramble of huevos rancheros originated on rural Mexican farms, which makes sense since the name of the dish translates to “ranch eggs.” Sitting on corn tortillas are fried eggs, salsa, avocado, rice, and beans. Turns out Mexican farmers knew about the avocado millennial trend way before avocado toast was a thing, and they’re doing it better.

Philippines • Balut

A little controversy surrounds this dish outside the Philippines, since you’re eating a developing duck before it's hatched. The fertilized egg is boiled once the embryo has reached the appropriate stage, and it's eaten from the shell. Some call it a hangover cure, others say it’s an aphrodisiac, but the strongest claim of all says it’s delicious.

Ethiopia • Doro Wat

Turn up the heat with doro wat, a wonderfully spicy stew made mostly of vegetables. Lamb, beef, or chicken can be added in, but it always contains whole hard-boiled eggs, and slow cooked for maximum flavor. Eat doro wat by scooping it out of the pot with injera, a type of flat pancake made of teff, a millet-like grain.

Italy • La Stracciatella

To celebrate Easter you’ll essentially need two things: rabbits and eggs. In Italy, la stracciatella has your Easter appetizer covered. This lovely soup is made up of chicken stock, carrots and celery, and egg is dropped in to poach itself within the soup. Topped off with some grated cheese and just a pinch of nutmeg, it’s sure to be a tasty treat for all.

India • Egg Curry

This tasty twist on Indian green chili curry brings eggs into the traditional meal. The dish is a vegetarian version, made up of onion, tomato, and a variety of spices or other favorite veggies. Unlike shakshuka, egg curry doesn’t poach their eggs in the curry, opting to boil them first, and stir them in after they’ve been peeled.

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