Epic Getaways Your Mom Will Adore

By Rachael Funk

Here at Great Value Vacations, we love moms. Specifically, we love your mom. For every scrape she’s bandaged, every tear she’s wiped, and every sacrifice she’s made, it’s hard to figure out how to thank her properly. Why not start with a grand gesture? Though a lifetime of love is impossible to repay, you can give her something she’s been longing for your whole life: a few moments of peace and quiet. Here are a few great places you can send her to finally give her some hard-earned rest and relaxation.

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Give her a chance to kick off her sensible pumps, stick her toes in the warm sand, and unwind on the beach with a mom-garita or two! Baja California is the place to send her if she wants to snorkel a 20,000 year old reef, dance the night away, or lounge poolside while attentive staff bring her drinks all day.


A destination that’s sure to charm her, Ireland is chock full of dramatic landscapes and friendly people. She’s the queen of your heart, so why not set her up for a few days in an actual castle? She can explore the Cliffs of Moher, see Bunratty Castle, or create her own itinerary in the Emerald Isle.


The City of Light is calling! Give her the gift of sipping a delicate champagne in the city that inspires love, creativity, and enchantment. She’ll love the chance to peruse art galleries, wander museums, and soak in the energy of this classic city.


Secure your place as the favorite child and send your mom to Italy! She’ll get to sink into endless cups of authentic gelato, sample excellent wines, and snap a few photos at the Leaning Tower of Pisa to share with all her Facebook friends. Who knows, maybe she’ll toss a coin into Trevi Fountain for you, too!


Send her to the islands for some fun in the sun! An experience to remember forever, she’ll get to take in Greece’s world famous sunsets, kick back on scenic boat rides galore, and see Athens, Santorini, and everything in-betweenie. Nothing can “ruin” this dream getaway for your Parthe-mom!


If your mom is up for an adventure, send her to Bali! While she’s there, she can scale an active volcano, explore ancient temples, and monkey around in Ubud’s famous Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. She’ll get to wander vibrant markets, lounge on the beach, and take in the area’s culture and countryside.

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