10 Extraordinary Things to do in Florence this October

By Megan Millisky

The Metropolitan City of Florence has warm, mild Octobers. It also has lots of festivals to celebrate! Check out choral music, fly over Italy in a hot air balloon, or discover a chestnut festival. There is so much to eat, do, and see in Florence this October!

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1. Botticelli International Choral Festival

No trip to Italy would be complete without gorgeous music! Choral concerts are held each evening from October 12-15. The groups perform a range of music, from popular to gospel to folk.

Address: Florence, Italy

2. Florence Creativity Festival

This small bi-annual festival focuses on crafting and creating. Vendors at Florence Creativity offer a wide range of craft products. This includes paints, stamps, quilts, perfumes, and toys. The festivities take place from October 31-November 3.

Address: Florence, Italy

3. Horticulture Garden of Florence

This beautiful garden opens its gates to all on October 5-6! Admission is free. There are over 50 exhibitors and vendors. See the best Tuscan nursery gardeners, handmade ceramics, and flowers.

Address: Via Pier Antonio Micheli, 3, 50121 Firenze FI, Italy

4. Marradi Chestnut Festival

This popular event is an amazing way to explore Italy this fall! October 7, 14, 21, and 28. Transportation to the event takes place via train, with a steam engine running from Pistoia and making stops in Florence, Prato, Potassieve, and Borgo San Lorenzo. Eat all the chestnuts you can handle, enjoy the festivities, and then ride back on the train.

Address: Marradi, 50034 Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

5. Free Admission to the Uffizi Gallery (and more!)

October 6, immerse yourself in Italy’s lovely art scene! The Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Pitti, and Boboli Gardens will be admission-free.

Address: Uffizi Gallery, Piazzale degli Uffizi, Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

6. Feast of Santa Reparata

On October 8, join in a tradition that dates back to the third century. Family-style feasts are held all over Florence! And don’t miss the medieval procession that marches to Santa Reperata’s crypt in the Duomo of Florence.

Address: Piazza del Duomo, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

7. Largo Pietro Annigoni Flea Market

Traditional meets trendy! This old-fashioned festival is a tradition in Florence. Find hidden treasures as you search through vintage books, artwork, glassware, and more. The flea market is held on October 27.

Address: Largo Pietro Annigoni, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

8. Montaione Truffle Festival

This can’t-miss festival celebrates Italy’s love of truffles! Try a selection of truffle products along with chestnuts, honey, olive oil, and cheeses. The festival grows bigger every year.

Address: Montaione

9. Festival delle Mongolfiere

October 13-14 and October 20-21 experience the ultimate high-flying experience! Take a hot air balloon over Italy! Once you’re back on the ground, enjoy food and music. Join the locals in flying kites and enjoying the festivities.

Address: Piazzale delle Cascine, 29, 50144 Firenze FI

10. Fiera San Luca

October 14-21, discover a traditional Florentine countryside event! There will be a parade and an animal fair (October 18). Snack on artisanal Italian foods and dance to music all day long. This is one of Europe’s oldest fairs, so don’t miss out!

Address: Impruneta 50023 Metropolitan City of Florence Italy

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