Galway International Arts Festival: What to See & Insider Tips

During the month of July, the streets of Ireland's "most Irish city" come alive with live music, mind-bending art installations, enthusiastic street theater, and a stampede of art-thirsty locals and tourists.

What an amazing time to visit Galway, during its renowned International Arts Festival! Watch streets light up and immerse yourself in the magic of this once-in-a-lifetime fantasy fair.

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Live the Galway Street Life

Watch the world dance around you.

Feel the fantastical spirit of the festival in every nook and cranny of the city! Around every corner and down every street, you'll find tons of locals soaking up the culture and marveling at magnificent performances. Roam around Eyre Square or Tigh Neachtains in the Latin Quarter and become immersed in the magic of the night. Bring a blanket, pack a picnic, and feel your eyes widen as street theater comes to life right in front of you.
**Insider Tip: No matter how artsy-chic you want to look, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. *

Feel the Beat

Discover your new favorite artist!

From rock, gospel, and soul to traditional Irish folk music, hear sweet songs from all genres. While the music scene in Galway is always hopping, the music scene during the Arts Festival is on another level! Find yourself listening to a band under the tent near picturesque River Corrib, or head to the trendy West End and catch an unforgettable performance at one of its many intimate venues.
**Insider tip: Check out Roisin Dubh and Monroe's Live - two awesome venues in the West End!*

Party Into the Night

The fun doesn't end when the sun goes down!

When the gig's over, head down to one of the festival's best kept secrets, The Festival Club. There, mingle with talented performers and artists while you dance and drink the night away! Located right on the River Corrib, this unique party venue offers some of the best nigh views in Galway. Get ready for a magical after-show experience.
*Insider tip: Bring warm clothes! Galway nights can be chilly, especially on the river.

Curtain Call!

Watch the stunning spectacle of world class theater.

Theater is at the very heart of Galway's International Arts Festival. This year, watch four world premiere theater productions play across the stage! Catch spectacular productions of *Tristan & Yseult *by Kneehigh and *Crestfall *by Druid.
**Insider Tip: Witness a major new music theater co-production with Landmark Productions titled Woyzeck in Winter. *

Indulge in a Visual Feast

"Ooh" and "ahh" at stunning splendors.

Relax while you marvel in amazement. What could be better!? The GIAF Visual Arts Program is entirely free, and includes tons of jaw-dropping exhibitions. Stroll around and take in the magic of the amazing visual art that surrounds you.
**Insider Tip: All of the visual art works are within easy walking distance to one another, and to other festivity areas. Use the Visual Arts Program as a soothing path to your next event!*

Broaden Your Mind

Listen to others, give your two cents.

Take a break from the showy spectacles and find peace and inspiration at one of GIAF's *First Thought *talks. First Thought is the festival's discussion platform, which encourages thought-provoking conversations led by both Irish and international leaders regarding progressive, creative ideas.
**Insider Tip: So you're not an artist and you're thinking, "are these talks just for artists?" Absolutely not. Everyone is more than welcome, as the talks focus on a range of arts and non-arts disciplines. This year's theme is "Power," so the topic opportunities are endless! *

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