10 Genius Products That Will Make Flying With Kids Way More Fun

By Rachael Funk


It’s happening. Your parent power is at an all-time high and you are untouchable. You charge forward, deflecting open glares from strangers left and right. A hurricane of impatient sighs bounces harmlessly off your back. You laugh defiantly at the tension thickening the air as other passengers hope you’re not getting on their plane.

You are laser-focused on your objective: herding all your free range children through TSA without losing any of them (or any of their shoes). Once you’ve boarded the plane and confirmed everybody still has their teddy bear/special blankey, you’re staring down the barrel of a couple long hours in the air. Getting them here was the easy part, but now the trick is keeping them occupied and comfortable. These tried-and-true additions to your survival kit may do the trick to help keep traveling with children as pleasant as possible.

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Boba Air

Why parents love it

This super lightweight carrier is a great way to keep your little one close without having to budget tons of room in your bag when you’re not wearing it. It can support 15 – 45 pounds, so even the older kids can hitch a ride if they’re worn out!


Green Sprouts Adapter

Why parents love it

Quit trying to juggle your stuff, your baby’s stuff, and a million bottles in your tiny seat. A water bottle adapter is a more practical way to keep yourself and your baby hydrated on the plane. Easy to twist on and off, these will save you bag space and the hassle of climbing over two other people to get the right bottle out of the overhead.


CozyPhones Kids Headphones

Why parents love it

Let’s be realistic; there’s going to be some screen time. Whether your kid doesn’t knock out until the sixth repeat of “wheels on the bus” or only sits still for Elmo, they’re going to need some headphones. These are excellent because you don’t have to stick anything into tiny ears, the volume maxes out at a safe level, AND you get the added perk of sneaking glances at your kid in their unicorn headband. What’s cuter than that? (Did we mention they’re also washable and come with made-to-last AND money back guarantees?)


Silly Faces Magnetic Fun Tin Set

Why parents love it

A game that doesn’t require batteries, make noise, or have an impossible-to-find off switch, these are great to keep small hands occupied. Since they’re magnetic, it’s pretty easy to keep the pieces from sliding away during turbulence, too.


Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow!

Why parents love it

These will keep everyone occupied for at least as long as it takes to say the whole name of this activity book! Since the color disappears as the “ink” evaporates, the pages can be colored in more than once. A reusable water pen is included with the book, so you can fill ‘er up and catch up on your novel while your little buddy scribbles away next to you.


Boogie Board Scribble 'n Play

Why parents love it

No, not the kind of boogie board you take to the beach (could you imagine?) This Boogie Board is an ink-free e-writer that allows your kids to doodle to their heart’s content. It comes with four different styluses clipped onto it that reveal different ink effects. The best part? A fingernail will work on these, so even if all four styluses are scattered to the four corners of the earth, this toy is not rendered useless by a lack of original parts.


Dinosaur Window and Wall Stickers

Why parents love it

The world is a playground when you’re a kid. These easily removable, no residue clings are a great way to help keep your kids from spending the entire flight hunched over, staring at whatever’s in their lap. The vinyl adhesive is reusable, so once you’ve landed, you can take them all with you and use them again for the flight home.


Fruit Stripe Bubble Gum

Why parents love it

What’s worse than ear popping on planes? Your ears popping while your kids are complaining about their ears popping. Chewing gum can help keep the ouchies away and this fun brand still comes with temporary tattoos on the wrappers! They get battle tattoos, you get to indulge your nostalgia for the 90s…everyone’s a winner!


Animal Hands Temporary Tattoos

Why parents love it

Ok, these are just plain awesome. As long as you’ve got a free hand and imagination, no plane ride needs to ever be dull again! Non-toxic and excellent fodder for comedy, these temporary tattoos are so easy to love. Pro tip: throw some Mad Libs into your bag, too, and you’re gonna have a great flight.


UGREEN Splitter Cable

Why parents love it

Chances are pretty good you’re going to get bored on the plane, too. These headphone splitters are extremely useful for watching movies together, sharing music, or playing games together.


Original Stationery Extra Fine and Flake Glitter

Why parents love it

Just kidding. Enjoy your flight!

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