Good Eats Around Europe

Are you a gastronomical connoisseur? Do you fancy yourself an explorer of all flavors and aromas? Maybe you're a regular ole' foodie. No matter how you identify, these culinary experiences will not judge.

Savor the presentation or scarf it down- these iconic plates are sure to add color and flavor (literally) to your European experience.

Wiener Schnitzel • Vienna, Austria

The Wiener Schnitzel is a national dish of Austria

Wiener translates to “Viennese” meaning, Vienna, for which the dish is named after. The dish itself is a very thin, breaded and pan friend cutlet made from veal. Squeeze a lemon over the whole thing and enjoy!

Stroopwafel • Netherlands

Syrupy waffles? Yes, please!

This Dutch sweet is basically a waffle sandwich with delicious gooey syrup hiding in the middle. You'll find street vendors in Amsterdam churning out stroopwafels all day long- definitely worth the calories!

Paella • Valencia, Spain

Try and have paella for lunch- it's a bit heavy to eat at night

Traditional paella in Valencia varies from chef to chef. You can find it with chicken, rabbit and beans or mussels, snails and lobster. That's the key- authentic paella should be personalized.

Czech Goulash with Dumplings • Czech Republic

Cesky Gulas is tasty and traditional

Goulash is quintessentially Czech. You'll find it at nearly every pub or tavern. Typically served hot with beef and dense dumplings, this dish is perfect for a chilly fall day. Pair it with a glass of pivo (beer) and you've got a typical Czech meal!

Fish and Chips • London, England

This classic British plate is crispy and comforting

This dish is pretty simple but it can go wrong so quickly. You'll want your fish fried to a golden-brown color with a crunch and your chips fluffy and moist. Our favorite spot? Bonnie Gull in London! Paired with homemade ketchup, you can't beat it.

Escargots à la Bourguignonne • Paris, France

Garlic and snails make for a luxurious "snail butter"

This timeless garlic and parsley flavored dish is a must in Paris! As a staple of French cuisine, you can find escargots at almost any traditional French restaurant. This tasty butter fills the snail shell and is baked for about ten minutes. Bon appetit!

Boxty • Ireland

Traditional Irish Potato Pancakes

The Irish love their potatoes. This dish is a unique blend of mashed and grated potatoes resulting in a flat hash brown pancake called boxty! The Irish eat it for breakfast and supper. Top it with smoked salmon or just lather some butter on top!

Octopus • Greece

Octopus is a Greek delicacy on every seafood tavern's menu

The octopus must be dried out before being grilled so you will see a whole lot of clothes lines decorated with octopi on the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini. The octopus also has to be tenderized so don't be surprised by the fishermen beating the octopus along the piers!

Pizza and Gelato • Italy

Italy's TWO most glorious creations!

The cuisine in Italy is off the charts, that's why we had to include two of their specialties! The best way to experience Italian cuisine is by taking an authentic cooking class. You can bring home all of the secret recipes to use in your own kitchen. Obviously the pizza is sure to impress, but afterwards? Discover the "gelato culture" and spoil your taste buds with this famous Italian dessert. Buon Appetito!

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