6 Great Bistros to Try in Paris

Did you know that the word "Bistro" comes from Russian?

The legend is that during the battle of Paris in 1814, Russian officers and Cossack soldiers who wanted to be served quickly would shout: bystro (быстро), meaning "quickly."
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During this time period, it would take almost an entire day to put together a meal. One would order early in the morning or late afternoon, then show up hours later to pick up their lunch or dinner. Restaurant owners who saw an opportunity in these new customers who had come from Russia, began putting signs outside their establishments to show that they could serve food quickly.

Here are six great Bistros in Paris that will tickle your taste buds and give you mouthwatering stories to bring back home.

Les Arlots

136 Rue du Faubourg Poissonniere, Paris 10th Arronsdissement Tel. (33) 01-42-82-92-01
Close to the Gare du Nord (where the Eurostar Train from London arrives), this small place is rising in popularity due to its fresh take on classic bistro plates. Try the homemade sausage with potato puree.

La Cave de l’Os a Moelle

181 Rue de Lourmel, Paris 15th Arrondissement, Tel. (33) 1 45 57 28 28
The name means “the cave of the marrow bone." Managed by rising chef Thierry Faucher, the menu is varied day by day but the food is always traditional French bistro, offered in a charming setting with - of course - a nice selection of wines to wash it all down.

Le Bon Saint –Pourçain

10Bis Rue Servandoni, 6 Paris, 6th Arrondissement, Tel. (33) 1 42 01 78 24
Situated in Saint Germain des Pres, hidden just behind the St. Suplice Church, is a small gem of a classic bistro that does not disappoint. Show up a little early for lunch to be sure to get a table. Modern French comfort food is what you will find here. After a delicious meal, enjoy the sights by exploring Saint Germain des Pres.


5 Rue Clisson, Paris, 13th Arrondissement, Tel. (33) 9 54 17 48 88
A magical fusion of French, Brazilian, and Asian cuisine beautifully presented can be found here. The dishes are original and the ingredients are always fresh. A real find. Reservations highly recommended.

Le Pantruche

3 Rue Victor Massé, 9 Paris, Arrondissement, Tel. (33) 1 48 78 55 60
In the Pigalle area, you’ll find a haven of classical French cusine served with modern Bistro flair. Fpolks come for their signature Oyster Tartar and bright green cream of lettuce soup.

Le Roi du Pot au Feu

34 rue Vignon, Paris, 9th Arrondissement, Tel. (33) 1 47 42 37 10
The greatest of all French country comfort foods is the Pot Au Feu, which literally means means "pot at the fire." This is an ancient meal that is by design truly slow food. This restaurant boasts that it is the king of this dish. In fact, it is the only thing they serve! You’ll start with the bouillon that all the ingredients have been cooking in, then a generous serving of marrow bone, followed finally by the gently cooked vegetables and meat that made the broth so tasty. Where simple meets delicious.

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