The Ultimate Guide to the Greek Islands

By Jessica Russo

Every Greek Island guarantees breathtaking views and charming streets. So, what makes each one so different?

Do you daydream about the serenity of pink sand beaches, the thrill of exploring castles, or the excitement of oceanfront nightlife? Find out which picture-perfect island is waiting for you.

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A vibrant playground of Greek tradition

On the magical island of Mykonos, it’s always party time! Follow winding stone paths through whitewashed houses, relax on beautiful beaches, then get ready for Greece's most raved-about nightlife. When the sun sets, the streets of Mykonos light up.


The foodie's fantasyland

To Greeks, Crete is known as the Megalonissi, or "Great Island." Locals *also *know Crete as the hot spot for delicious food and scrumptious cheeses that extend far-beyond feta. This all-encompassing island boasts soaring snow-capped mountains, miles of pink sand beaches, olive groves, vineyards, and a wealth of ancient architecture. Whatever your fix may be, Crete is always the answer.


The island of the knights

Rhodes boasts the perfect blend of postcard-worthy beaches and historical treasures. Spend the morning relaxing on the sand beside crystal-clear blue-green water, then stroll through the island's culture-packed medieval Old Town! Travel through time as you explore the stone castles and palaces that make up this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Nothing like a Santorini sunset.

Frolic through the quaint, colorful shops that line the winding stone paths of this oh so romantic island. Gaze out at the bright blue Aegean Sea, then sip on a glass of local wine and watch a world-famous sunset. Many people claim Santorini is the "most Greek" island; now it's your turn to discover why.


Castles and coastal beauty

Hike along seaside Byzantine trails and wander through quaint traditional villages! As you walk, keep your eyes open for medieval fortresses and impressive stone monasteries along the way! Follow in the footsteps of history while taking in the paradise of Paros.


Cerulean caves and cobalt coves

Escape to the island of lush greenery, jaw-dropping coastal cliffs, and landscapes that look too beautiful to be real. Swim in the bright blue Ionian Sea and take a boat ride through the island's enormous caves. You might even spot some local sea turtles - don't be afraid to say hello!


Magnificent views and mythological ties

Feel your eyes widen as you stare at the contrast between Naxos' turquoise waters and stark whitewashed houses. Not only is Naxos the largest of the Cycladic Islands, it's also the hometown of the king of the Gods himself - Zeus! Explore ancient ruins in the morning, then unwind by the sparkling seaside in the afternoon.


Old-world feel in a blue-green oasis

Lush green vegetation, historical battlegrounds, unrivaled beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a culture-packed old town - welcome to colorful Corfu. Stroll through the charming streets of Kerkyra, indulge in local culinary favorites, and discover the natural beauty that makes Corfu the "Emerald Island."

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