Hidden Gems of the Grand Canyon

By Jessica Russo

We all know that rugged, otherworldly Grand Canyon landscape. (Come on, wasn't it, like, everyone's desktop background in 2005?) What we don't all know, however, are the secret wonders hidden in the rocks and ripples. From bright blue waterfalls to decades-old watchtowers, here are the gems of the Grand Canyon.

Havasu Falls

Sooo, it's a 10-mile hike to Havasu Falls. (We did say "hidden," right?) Wear a swimsuit under your hiking clothes and gear up for a gorgeous trek. After hours of quiet, you'll hear rushing water in the distance. With a few more steps, you'll feel your jaw drop at the sight of piercing blue water against the orangey red rocks. Jump in and enjoy a refreshing canyonball. (Okay, I tried.)

Horseshoe Bend

Located on what's known as the East Rim of the Grand Canyon, this water feature does not involve much hiking - phew! In fact, Horseshoe Bend is only steps from a major roadway. It is, however, quite a drive from Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim. Nestled near the Colorado River between the Grand Canyon and Page, this hidden gem is a must-see on your road trip. Trust us, it's worth it.

Desert View Watchtower

Right near the Grand Canyon East Entrance at Navajo Point, this breathtaking watchtower awaits. Designed in 1932 by architect Mary Colter, this 7-story structure stands out against the natural landscapes of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Railway

Okay so this isn't exactly a "sight," but it sure is a gem. Consider a ride on the scenic Grand Canyon Railway and feel like you're riding through the wild west! With the main station near Grand Canyon Village, this train ride is the perfect way to experience the South Rim.

"Ooh Aah Point"

Yes, this is its real name. While getting to this point does require a bit of a hike, it's one of the best vistas to "ooh" and "aah" at a Grand Canyon sunset. Located just east of Grand Canyon Village, see if this point is true to its name.

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