12 Ways to Get Your Adrenaline Rush in Bali

By Amanda Little

A trip to Bali is the chance to see everything from raging beach parties to tranquil yoga classes. It’s an adventure packed with wild animals, beautiful landscapes, and incredible towns and villages. Check out the incredible opportunities when you travel to Bali!

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Surf at Kuta Beach

Perfect for beginners or surfers looking for a relaxing day, the waves at Kuta Beach welcome all. The gentle waves here are just beyond the reef-free sand bar, and boards are available to rent! You can also sign up for surf lessons here, or simply rent a bodyboard for lowkey fun in the water. Both locals and tourists soak in the sun here, either surfing, enjoying the stunning sunsets, or relaxing with a drink.

Find your inner monkey

For those looking for adventure without getting wet, head to the incredible Treetop Adventure Park! Sky-high fun mixed with adrenaline-pumping heights make for a fun afternoon. Move through the trees like a monkey while surrounded by wonderfully green foliage. The range of circuits, nets, swings, and flying foxes make this treetop playground accessible to a wide range of ages!

Dig into the muck

Quickly get PADI certified in Bali to go muck diving! With seven different sites all easily accessible from the island, finding a cool place to explore beneath the waves is a cinch. Head off to Padang Padang, one of the most popular surfing sites, to explore coral gardens and see adorable marine life like turtles, pygmy seahorses, and possibly thrilling sea life like the blue ringed octopus or sharks. Just remember, they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.

Seek inner peace

Find enlightenment and insight for yourself while visiting Bali, known for its incredible yoga studios, mindfulness classes, and retreats. The Yoga Barn is one of the most famous studios on the island, resting in the heart Ubud. Choose from any of the popular yoga studios in the city, or explore the island for the dozens of smaller studios offering smaller crowds and more authentic experiences. Or book a retreat at one of the many resorts to cleanse your day-to-day life of stress, detox from all things tech, and truly relax.

Let loose in Tanjung Benoa

Those looking for a little extreme in their sports can find it Tanjung Benoa. Here you can go flyboarding by strapping on a water jetpack that propels you over 30 feet into the air! You’ll also find jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, banana boat rides, tours of turtle island, snorkeling, walks along the seafloor, tours of the mangrove forest and more! All of these activities are led by dedicated instructors to keep you safe, and ensure all of you activities stay fun!

Hike Mount Batur

Hiking mountains is nice, but do you know what’s cooler? Hiking an active volcano. Make your way to Mount Batur to climb the 5,577 feet above sea level, the lip of a steaming volcano crater. While climbing on your own is possible, the path is a little dangerous, if well-marked. Taking a tour up the volcano may by the most interesting option, especially since many tours offer to start the trek around 4am, to make it to the top as the sun rises. The ground is so warm you can cook an egg in it, and some tours do! Eat your earth-cooked breakfast as you look out over the smoking rim of the volcano, all the way out to the glittering lake below, as the sun breaks through the horizon. These are the moments adventures are made for.

See what’s just around the riverbend

Thrill seekers, head down to the Ayung River for a spectacular white water rafting experience. While Bali has a huge range of water sports, this is one of the few that isn’t on the island long coastline. Hop into a raft with your team and take the rapids for an exhilarating ride. Fly by tiny villages, race the river through stunning natural scenery and take in moments of beautiful vistas from a new point of view.

Party until sunrise

Bali isn’t all nature spots and yogi serenity. The alcohol is cheap, and the nightlife hub of Jalan Legian in Kuta knows no end. This area is packed with night clubs, live music, bars, and clubs, but also hosts musical events and vibey cafes. All kinds of party animals can find their kind here and party until the sun rises. There are even a wide variety of eateries open until the wee hours for late night drunk food.

Dive into history

Seek out Tulamben with adventure in your spirit, because you’ll get the chance to go diving among the wreck of the USAT Liberty, which met its watery fate in the WWII. Strap on your flippers and float through one of the most famous wrecks in the world, now home to a myriad of sea critters. You’ll also fine wonderful splashes of color splayed out along the coral garden nearby. So be sure to admire the beauty of marine nature while you’re bobbing along a ship of an era gone by.

Go on a safari

Indonesia has a breathtaking array of flora and fauna, so it’s no surprise you can go on safari here. Head down to Bali Marine and Safari Park to see a variety of 60 different animal species, as well as dances and musical shows. Be sure to set out on a tour of the park where you get to see these animals in their habitats! While a day trip is worth it, huge fans of the animal kingdom can even book a night at a lodge in the park, with the chance that amiable elephants or graceful giraffes wander by your window.

Go chasing waterfalls

When visiting an island known for its spectacular beauty, why not seek out its highlights to really be blown away? Visit temples, seek out mountain- or volcano-top views, spend mornings greeting the sun and seeking inner peace, but most of all seek out the spectacular Sekumpul Waterfall. This sacred spot in Bali lies in a vibrant valley on the north side the island. Follow a secluded path in Sekumpul through foliage until you nearly stumble upon the waterfall. Be sure to bring your bathing suit too, since you can go swimming in the stunning pools beneath the cataract.

Explore Uluwatu Beach

If Kuta Beach is a little too tame, head to Uluwatu Beach where all the lifelong surfers find the best waves. For those who don’t want to surf, leave the sun behind in search of the cave lurking under the beach. The Uluwatu Beach Cave is a hidden gem that looks like it came straight out of a movie. The half-underwater, half-open cave provides wonderful shelter against the ever-present heat and an amazing backdrop for photos!

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