How To Keep The Honeymoon Going When You Get Back

By Roman

One sign of a good honeymoon is that you never want to come back. The time you spend holding hands, smiling together, and enjoying each other’s mere presence will have you floating in heaven. There’s a reason it’s called the “honeymoon phase.” Eventually, your getaway will end and the tedium of everyday life will distance you from the euphoria of your adventure. Here are a few ideas on how to prolong the memories of your first trip as a married couple.

Go on a date

Dress up and plan an outing or a romantic dinner together. Just because you're married doesn’t mean you should stop dating each other! Find a place that serves the food you ate on your honeymoon and see if it holds up. In any case, it should bring up memories of your honeymoon.

Turn off the TV

You probably didn't watch much TV on your honeymoon. Instead, you were saving all your time for each other. Make a vow to unplug and swap screen time for quality time. The warm glow that comes from the two of you together is so much better than the cold glow of a screen.

Cook together

Locate the music you listened to on your honeymoon. Play it softly in the background and take the time to make a dish you tried when traveling. It could be a simple breakfast on a weekend or the exact same meal you had together by candlelight (depending on your cooking skills). What’s important is that it creates a conversation about your honeymoon experience together.

Go through photos together

Open a bottle of wine, find the right music, and pull out the honeymoon photos! Both of you should start remembering the moments which made you laugh, moments you were made to feel special, and moments you fell in love all over again. Do this when you have plenty of time for it to be just the two of you.

Bring out the wine and fragrance

Remind your spouse all about the honeymoon nights by resetting the same scene. Wear the same fragrance, and if you had a specific wine, try to find one like it. If there were candles, make sure there are candles. The goal is to recreate the night together.

Take a day off together

Take a day to explore your local surroundings. Find activities reminiscent of the “discover together” mode you were in during your honeymoon. End the day with a nice dinner and an early night at home.

Give a souvenir gift

This is one to remember during your honeymoon: while you're still there, find a little souvenir that will remind the two of you of the honeymoon. Make sure your spouse doesn’t know you bought it and surprise them with it on the one-month anniversary of your return.

Take a “Mini-moon”

A simple weekend away will bring back those blissful honeymon memories as you relax with your partner. Explore a new location, visit a city neither of you have been, or have one of you share a place you find special with the other. There are a lot of ways you can continue that honeymoon feeling with a little practice and attention to detail. The best part of the honeymoon was that you did it together.

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