Most Incredible Sightseeing Spots in Peru

By Megan Millisky

You’ll never forget the time you spend in Peru. The country is full of unique ancient history, colorful wildlife, and remote villages! You’ll find lots to do in this country stretching down South America's Pacific coast.

Macchu Picchu

This UNESCO World Heritage Site needs to be seen to be believed! Over 7,000 feet in the air, this 15th-century Incan citadel is an incredible sight to behold. Massive stones create pathways and structures high in the picturesque mountains. Be sure to snap pictures at one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Address: RFP4+P2 Aguas Calientes


See the most sacred site in the Incan religion. This site, spelled up to four different ways, contains the Temple of the Sun. Although there are few remaining ruins today, you can still visit this important site.

Address: Santo Domingo s/n, Cusco 08000, Peru

Choquequirao Archaeological Park

The trek to this park is notoriously difficult, but the views make it worthwhile! One of the oldest sites in Peru is the Choquequirao Archaeological Park, home to ancient ruins and precarious winding pathways. This park requires reaching remote villages - the only way in or out is on foot. However, an ambitious cable car project is underway, which would make visiting this incredible site much easier.
Address: J43H+X4 Caserio Marampata

Moray Ruins

Visit another of Peru’s beautiful ruins! They look like amphitheaters. But no one knows for certain what these mysterious sites were used for! You can still visit this site in the Sacred Valley today.

Address: Maras 08655, Peru

Weaving in Chincheros

This Sacred Valley village is known for its weaving cooperatives, where villagers create colorful designs. Many cooperatives offer visitors the chance to try their hand at weaving! Learn all about this old-time craft in this remote village.

Address: Chinchero District

Lake Titicaca

Visit the largest lake in South America! See the floating homes that locals reside in, as well as man-made islands constructed from reeds. A popular way to see the lake is the Titicaca train, where you’ll get a picture-perfect view of the lake!

Address: Lake Titicaca Peru

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