Interesting Facts about Grand Cayman

By Soren Rivero

Ahh, Grand Cayman — a charming Caribbean island known for dazzling beaches, unique species of animals, and tranquil scenery. But, truth be told, there's so much more excitement beyond what meets the eye. Here are some interesting facts about Grand Cayman that help make this destination so intriguing!

Larger Than Life

Trust us when we say it— Grand Cayman is larger than life itself!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. Grand Cayman is about 22 miles (35 km) long with a total area of about 76 square miles (197 square km). That might sound a little small on paper but it's the largest of all the Cayman Islands!

Deep Dives Like Nowhere Else

The island’s very own Stingray City is a must-see attraction if you ever visit Grand Cayman. You can swim and play with stingrays, learn about them, and participate in numerous aquatic activities! In addition, Stingray City also hosts the best 12-foot dive in the entire world. So if you’re a fan of plunging yourself deep into the electric blue waters of the Caribbean— be sure to visit Stingray City.

The Islands Aren’t Very Crowded

The current population of the Cayman Islands in total is roughly 68,00~ people (2022 census). An overwhelming majority of the population lives in Grand Cayman. Lastly, about 90% of the population lives in an urbanized city!

The Secret Behind the Seven Mile Beach

Grand Cayman’s most famous beach is Seven Mile Beach. Time and time again, this beach helps Grand Cayman land a top spot on the Caribbean’s most sought-after islands. But there’s a secret behind this beach — one that might truly alarm you. Prepare yourself to have your mind blown! The secret is…

Seven Mile Beach is actually only about five and a half miles long!

Annual Pirate Invasions

Grand Cayman is prone to sea pirate invasions. These usually happen during Pirate’s Week which runs from November 12th through the 22nd.

But there’s nothing to be scared of! Pirate’s Week is a cheerful celebration filled with fun activities and events all throughout the island. The invasions are completely mocked and no one and nothing is harmed in the process. Be on the lookout for them if you visit during November!

Connections to the United Kingdom

All of the Cayman Islands (as mentioned above) are British Overseas Territory. The head of their state is thus Her Majesty's Government and the Crown!

Just like in the U.K., cars in Grand Cayman need to be on the left side. Be aware of this if you decide to drive when you visit.

Steady Temperature + Tropical Climate

The average temperature in Grand Cayman lingers around 75 F - 92 F year-round. Hardly does it get colder or hotter than those temperatures, so visiting the island any time of the year is roughly the same. However, what you must be mindful of are the changes in precipitation and humidity between the wet and dry seasons. The climate in Grand Cayman is tropical, meaning that most of the year is humid and muggy. The island experiences dramatic changes in rainfall between seasons. The wet season lasts from April to February with a maximum of about four inches of rain in October. The dry season is from February to April with the most rain being about 0.2 inches.

Culinary Masterpiece

Guess what? A good portion of the cuisine in Grand Cayman is seafood! Which makes sense after all, since it’s surrounded by water. You can taste delicious food such as Coconut Shrimp and Lobster whenever you visit Grand Cayman. Fun fact: this island in particular is also known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean.

Many Rare Species Live in Grand Cayman

There are dozens of rare animal and plant species inhabiting Grand Cayman, including green sea turtles! The rarest orchid in the world, the Ghost Orchid, is a beautiful sight to see if you get the chance. What’s even better is that the officials make plenty of attempts to preserve the species. They’ve worked so hard that near-extinct species (such as the Blue Iguana) were able to be saved!


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