Madrid’s Nightlife Must-Sees

Citizens of Madrid understand that when you work hard, you deserve to play hard too! This is why Madrid has some of the best party and nightlife culture in Europe. The Spanish take advantage of every moment they have, which is why sometimes the parties here go until the early dawn.

Spain is known for its beautiful, sunny weather, but when the sun goes down you get to experience a whole new side of the city. In a city renowned for its nightlife, discover spots in Madrid that are best to explore after dark!

Authentic Bars and Tapas

La Tape

88 Calle de San Bernardo | La Tape's website

One stop on your nighttime tour should include this beer bar that offers a daily selection of tapas. Nibble on poached egg potato mushrooms, cod croquettes with romesco sauce, or brioche steak tartare. Wash any of these tantalizing menu options down with craft beers, sourced from all over Spain. You can spend a lot of time here people-watching and enjoying the many tapas and drafts.

Casa Gonzales

12 Calle de Leon | Casa Gonzalez's website

For an authentic Madrid bar and tapas experience, watch the talented staff prepare a plate of their specials of the day. All you need to do is order some vino or cerveza, and you’re set! This particular taperia has been in the neighborhood since 1931, and is still a favorite gathering spot for locals. Known for their wide selection of cheese and sausages, you can taste and sample until your heart’s content!

City Tours Best Viewed at Night

Madrid Walking Tour

32 Calle Montera | Madrid Guided Walking Tour website

Sign up for one of the many night tours of this beautiful European capital and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll see some of Madrid’s iconic buildings, such as the Palacio Real, the Opera House, the Gran Via, the Puerta del Sol and many more. Guides on these tours weave fascinating accounts of all the history that this city has seen. You’re sure to learn facts that aren’t in the history books, plus you’ll be treated to some amazing photo opportunities!

Madrid Ghost and Inquisition Tour

Plaza de la Provincia | Madrid Ghost and Inquisition Tour's website

For something out of the ordinary, consider a walking tour of Madrid after dark to learn the macabre history of the Spanish Inquisition! You’ll have the chance to stroll through the streets at night with an expert guide, and become fully immersed in a darker side of history. This is a fantastic way to see some of the most famous places in Madrid, and learn a little bit more about their haunted histories.

Experience the Vibrant Music Scene

Sala Caracol

18 Calle Bernardino Obregon | Sala Caracol's website

The Sala Caracol is a great place to experience live music, especially from Madrid’s up-and-coming musicians. It's an immersive and personal experience for all the acts that appear on stage. It’s a great way to see some local entertainment and should definitely be on your list of stops for the evening. Whether you want to see rock, EDM, or even a flamenco-inspired performance, this venue is known throughout Madrid as one of the best.

Casa Patas

10 Calle Canizares | Casa Patas' website

There are many places that put on flamenco shows throughout the city. However, the authentic versions do not happen in grand performance halls, but rather in small bars and restaurants. The Casa Patas is known throughout the city as having the best flamenco shows! There is nothing quite like experiencing one of these soulful performances. Whether you like the music, the dance, or simply the expressive nature of the performers, you’re in for a real treat!

Theater is Alive and Well in Madrid

Teatro Real

Plaza de Isabell II | Teatro Real's website

The Teatro Real (Royal Theater) was originally designed during the reign of Philip V in 1738. Since then it has been at the epicenter of the capital’s cultural life. It continues to reign as one of the most popular places in the world to debut an opera. The historic building has survived closures and partial collapses, but today it has been restored to all its glory. After the show, stop into any of the bustling cafes near the theater such as the Cafe Oriente Palacio Real or the Cafe del Real for a relaxing glass of wine!

Teatro Lara

15 Corredera Baja de San Pablo | Teatro Lara's website

If drama is more your thing when it comes to theater, be sure to see what’s on the bill at the Teatro Lara. Near the Gran Via, this theater was completed in 1880 and seats about 400 patrons. The theater has always been popular with Madrilenos. Currently, the theater showcases some of the best plays and performances in Europe. It schedules local musicals and poetry shows as well. Take in a show at the Teatro Lara, then end your night with a visit to the famous HanSo Cafe or the Antorcha Cafe for a nightcap.

Party at these Nightclubs until Dawn

Teatro Kapital

125 Calle de Atocha | Teatro Kapital's website

This seven-story club is an institution in Madrid, and a must-visit for anyone who takes their nightlife seriously. The club is located in a former theater, and really makes use of the seven floors available! Each floor incorporates a new theme and aesthetic, ranging from low key lounge, thumping drums and bass, chill dub, and raucous house music. Visit all seven floors, then try out your karaoke skills! When the party ends, head over to a local 24/7 chocolateria for churros and chocolate!


82 Avenida de la Industria | Fabrik's website

Another huge nightclub that caters to Madrid party-goers is Fabrik. This place has seen some of the best EDM and techno musicians from all over the world appear on stage, and each weekend is a guaranteed wild night. Fabrik is designed after perhaps the most famous party spot on earth, Ibiza! Spaniards really know how to party, and if you can keep up with them at Fabrik, you’ll be rewarded with an unforgettable night.

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