6 Destinations for Modern Spring Breakers

By Megan Millisky

Plan an unforgettable trip somewhere incredible! This spring break, take advantage of your time off and explore somewhere totally new.

Do you want to flop onto a beach chair and soak up the sun? Hike mountains with your friends? Dine your way through modern cities? There are so many destinations to choose from, all with unique local culture and history. Here are our choices for fun, interesting destinations that you won’t want to leave!

Historic destinations


The Pearl of the Adriatic awaits you! Visit Dubrovnik, a seaside town and UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to beaches and historical attractions. Take the ferry to Lokrum island to visit the botanical garden, go sailing, or go for a swim! Take in the artistry of historic Dubrovnik Cathedral, then visit Large Onofrio's Fountain. Explore Rector’s Palace, where much of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones” was filmed!


The Taj Mahal, the Pink City of Jaipur, the Amber Palace - India is full of incredible architecture! Explore these places and so many more. Snap pictures of the regal Jaipur Palace, built in the 1700s. In New Delhi, you’ll discover the Red Fort, home to the Mughal Emperors. Check out the “victory tower,” Qutub Minar. Explore colorful markets as you wind your way through Delhi, Mumbai, or another of India’s historic cities.

Adventure awaits


Visit the land of the Incas to scale Machu Picchu, one of the 7 World Wonders! Gaze at the huge stone structure called Saqsaywaman, or head to Qorikancha, the most important Incan temple in Peru. Hike Rainbow Mountain and snap pictures of the colorful stripes! Visit lush National Parks full of exotic birds and monkeys. You’ll be fascinated with the land of lost cities, vibrant jungles, and natural wonders.


If you’ve always wanted to see the Easter Island heads, visit a penguin island, or visit dozens of steaming geysers, head to Chile! This long country on South America’s west coast offers adventure at every turn. Bike or drive San Cristóbal Hill to see the incredible statue of the Virgin Mary. Then swim at the municipal pools with views of the city below. See history come to life with the ancient Easter Island heads on Moai Island! Take a tour of El Tatio to see over 80 active geysers. Visitors also love Chiloé National Park, home to Humbolt penguins, dolphins, and sea lions. Explore the country and its many islands for a true adventure!

Saltwater & sandy beaches


Travel to the coral coast for saltwater and sun. Check out the Yasawa Islands, a string of twenty connected islands. Chill on the beach, where you can see manta rays, tropical fish, and other marine life. Get in touch with nature at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, where you’ll find hundreds of purple orchids. Tour a Mud Pool spa, or discover the lovely architecture of Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple!


Aruba is only 70 square miles, but it is brimming with pristine beaches, natural wonders, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Relax on white sandy dunes, then scale Hooiberg Hill to snap some pictures of the view! Visit Fontein Caves and the Natural Pool to admire Aruba’s natural beauty. In the evenings, have a drink and dance the night away at a nightclub - Aruba is famous for its nightlife!

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