10 Must-Buy Souvenirs From Mexico

By Jessica Russo

People often associate the word "souvenir" with cheesy trinkets and t-shirts they'll never wear again. Instead, spend money on authentic, cultural goodies that will make you feel like you're in Mexico every time you see them!

The word Spanish word "recuerdo" translates to "reminder," exactly what a souvenir should be!
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Coffee Beans

Did you know that Mexico is the largest producer of organic coffee in the world? Mexican coffee is grown by small farmers, mostly in the southern-most states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. Take some beans home with you and enjoy the aroma and taste of fresh Mexican coffee in your very own kitchen!

Mayan Wooden Mask

The Maya are an indigenous people of Mexico whose artistic culture can be felt throughout the country. Snag an authentic wooden Mayan mask and bring history home with you!

Wooden Instruments

Ahh, the soothing sounds of Mexico. From peaceful wooden flutes to fun maracas, score all the instruments to start your own Mariachi band at home!

Woven bags and baskets

Whether it's a tiny change purse, an embroidered tote, or a beautifully-patterned woven basket, make sure you purchase one of these perfect pieces. Show off your colorful new accessory back home, and when people ask you where you got it, you'll catch yourself smiling while replying, "I got it in Mexico."

Taxco Silver

In Mexico, it's very likely that you'll find your next favorite piece of jewelry, set of silverware, or serving dish. The Mexican town of Taxco is famous for its beautiful silver work. Oftentimes, natural stones like turquoise, coral, or amethyst from nearby towns are incorporated into silver pieces to make them that much more special.


What's better than chocolate? Mexican chocolate! Did you know the first known culinary use of chocolate actually occurred in Mexico? The origination of the word "cacao" traces back to the Olmec tribe, and all ancient Mexican tribes incorporated chocolate in their daily lives and spirital rituals. Cacao was even known as "god's food!"

Modern Mexican chocolate typically refers to creamy hot chocolate drinks, cinnamon-scented flat disks, blocks of hard chocolate, or chocolate bark flavored with a kick of chiles. Taste all of them while you're there and bring home your favorite!


These cool looking wooden whisks are used all over Mexico, usually to prepare hot beverages such as hot chocolate, atole, and champurrado. Hold the molinillo between your palms, rotate it quickly by rubbing your palms together, and watch your drink froth! If you don't plan on actually using it for culinary purposes, molinillos make for great kitchen decor!


Crafted mainly in the states of Puebla and Oaxaca, Talavera and clay pottery is a feast for the eyes. Choose from playful figurines, colorful tiles, ornate bowls, replicas of Aztec and Mayan artefacts, and more!

Hot Sauce

Spice up your life! Chances are, you'll taste a bunch of different hot sauces in Mexico. Grab a bottle of your favorite to use at home!

Mexican Falsa Blankets

Cozy up in style! Immerse yourself in the beauty, culture, and colors of Mexico with a traditional Falsa blanket. Wrap it around yourself on a chilly night or display it as a pretty throw! Mexican Falsa blanets are the perfect addition to any room.

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