Must-Try Food in Scotland

By Jessica Russo

What do you think of when you dream about Scotland? Bagpipes, kilts, castles, sparkling lakes, rolling greenery - alright, sure - but, what about food? Scotland is home to tons of sweet and savory culinary classics. Take a look, then head to Scotland and try them for yourself!

Haggis with neeps and tatties

It's safe to say that haggis is Scotland's most well-known, traditional dish. Sheep's offal (heart, liver, and lungs) minced with onion, oatmeal, and spices - how could you want anything else!? Okay, maybe it doesn't sound like the most mouthwatering dish in the world, but we urge you to try it. Not only is it considered the national dish of Scotland, it's also many locals' favorite! Be sure to order your haggis along with "neeps and tatties," or turnips and potatoes! You may also see "clapshot" on the menu, which is just neeps and tatties mashed together.

Cullen skink

Slurp up some of this savory Scottish soup made of locally-smoked haddock, potatoes, onions, and other yummy spices. Similar to chowder, this incredibly flavorful soup is a staple from the town of Cullen on the northeastern coast of Scotland. It's also the perfect meal to warm you up on a chilly Scottish day!

The seaside towns of Pittenweem, Anstruther and Crail are a short 20 to 30 minute drive from St. Andrews and have some of the freshest Cullen skink in Scotland.


The Scots have been eating porridge for a long time - okay - a really long time - like, since medieval times. Scottish porridge is much more than just a creamy hot bowl of sweetened oats; it's a tradition! Porridge has been, and still is, the go-to breakfast for Scottish people since, well, practically forever. Start your day like a native and try some for yourself!


It's just sugar, butter, and flour, so why is it so special? We urge you - just taste it and you'll know. These scrumptious Scottish cookies are traditionally eaten during every holiday (alright - every regular day, too). When you see that cute bakery as you're strolling through Edinburgh, stop in. You'll be happy you did.


Have a sweet tooth? Scottish tablet is a must-try! This crumbly, buttery, fudgey dessert will have your heart in no time. You may find different flavors, like vanilla or whisky, so be sure to try them all!

Photo by Instagram user @homeschoolonthecroft

Clootie dumpling

Alright, the name's a little funny, but you won't be laughing when you taste just how delicious this traditional Scottish pudding is! Made with dry fruit, spices, breadcrumbs, molasses, and sugar, Clootie pudding is usually eaten on Christmas and New Years. Slather some jam and butter on top and voila!

Cock-a-leekie soup

Ahh, a classic! Smell the steamy goodness of leeks, veggies, prunes, and peppered chicken stock. Enjoy a spoonful of Scotland's national soup, which is made hearty with rice and barley. This is that beloved, traditional soup that Scottish mothers make a big pot of on snowy afternoons.

And to drink... Scotch whisky!

You won't believe how different whiskies from different parts of Scotland taste! Try smokey Scotch from the south, or a balanced fruit-infused whisky from the north. Unwind at a local pub, chat with locals, and get spirited Scotland-style!

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