More Than Meat & Potatoes: Must-Try Irish Food

By Jessica Russo

While you'll find no shortage of Shepherd's Pie, Bangers and Mash, and Irish Stew, there are so many other traditional goodies to try when visiting Ireland. Think: fresh seafood from the Wild Atlantic Way, warm pastries right out of the oven, and other iconic delights.

Meat and potatoes are undoubtedly the backbone of Irish cuisine, but it's important to allow your palate to explore beyond. From entrees to desserts, here are some Irish foods you shouldn't overlook.


The most popular way to enjoy salmon in Ireland? Smoked! Bite into a smoked salmond sandwich, or savor it with a scrambled egg. Many restaurants throughout Ireland also serve fresh salmon that's broiled, fried, or put over pasta. You'll usually find some peas and potatoes on the side to accompany this healthy delicacy!

Cockles and Mussels

Made famous by the song "Molly Malone," this quintessential dish is a seafood extravaganza. Cockles, small saltwater clams, and mussels come together to create a delicious medley of Ireland's best seafood. From the Wild Atlantic Way to Dublin, this dish is a crowd pleaser.

Soda Bread, Scones & Brown Bread

Mmm, we can almost taste it! While I'm sure you've tried someone's mom's Irish Soda Bread on St. Patrick's Day, there's nothing quite like the real thing. Passed down for generations, every Irish baker has his or her own secret recipe - unique with its own twist. The same goes for melt in your mouth scones and dense brown bread! Whether you're a fan of seeds and raisins, or sweet simplicity, slather on some creamy Irish butter and dig in.


There's really nothing like a Galway oyster. Widely available from September to April, these little shells of yum are a must-try when visiting Ireland! If you're a huge oyster fan, consider heading to Ireland for the annual Galway International Oyster Festival!

Guinness Cake

What's more Irish than Guinness?! This rich stout just got even better. Mixed with moist chocolate cake and decadent cream cheese icing, "the black stuff" creates a scrumptious dessert.

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