Must-Visit Regions in Portugal

By Rachael Funk

Highly worthy of a spot on everyone's bucket list, Portugal is filled with diverse regions each with their own unique culture to experience. From charming beach towns to flourishing wine cities, these are the top must-visit regions when you travel to Portugal!


Home to only five percent of the population, Alentejo holds a sprawling network of olive trees, idyllic vineyards, wheat fields, and sunflowers. The region is predominately arid but it does offer numerous lakes including the Alqueva dam. The coast also offers surf beaches and secluded coves.


Ideal for a beach vacation, this region offers sunshine, seafood, and sandy beaches. Choose from family-friendly Blue Flag beaches to secluded coves hidden away in charming coastal towns. Algarve has championship golf courses inland, or you can head out to the barrier islands for a more secluded day at the beach.


Unspoiled beauty nestled by the North Atlantic Ocean, this archipelago is the westernmost point of Europe and is comprised of nine unique islands. The volcanic islands are home to geological formations such as waterfalls, lava tubes, thermal springs, and crater lakes.


The green heart of the country, Center boasts a diverse landscape from charming beaches to mountain villages. The region has a beautiful contrast of white sandy beaches on the coast and the Atlantic pine forests inland where the mountains and rocky interiors set the scene.

Lisbon and Tagus Valley

Visitors are captivated by the cosmopolitan prowess of Lisbon’s architecture and natural beauty. Extending over the hills and along the Tagus River, the region offers plenty of lush natural scenery to explore as well as gothic architecture, the walled town of Obidos and Caldas sa Rainha, plenty of golf courses, and tons of seafood.


Madeira Island is an untouched, picturesque landscape set deep in the Atlantic. The island is covered in sheer cliffs, rocky beaches, and rugged green mountains, with vineyards and banana plantations from the 15th century cultivated in its volcanic soil. Take a dip in the natural pools on the island or go for a levada walk to take in the stunning natural beauty of the area up close.

Porto and the North

Brimming with natural beauty and resources, this region is chock full of medieval villages, historic castles, and magnificent mountain ranges. Here, you will find grand estates overlooking terraced vineyards as well as the Peneda-Geres National Park. White water raft on the Minho River or visit the Port lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia and taste the famous port wine.


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