10 Photos of British Columbia That Will Make You Pack Your Bags

By Amanda Little

If you’re looking to get away to a beautiful place packed with gleaming cities, snow-capped mountains, crystalline lakes, gorgeous beaches, and endless miles of wooded walking paths, you should head to British Columbia, Canada! Enjoy city life in Vancouver, then challenge yourself by hiking to mountain peaks, sailing across lakes, and more. But don’t take our word for it, let these amazing sights speak for themselves.


This stunning city is like the safer, cleaner, healthier cousin to Manhattan, and it’s set in the mountains. No matter where you go in this city, you can see mountains or lake shores, or both! The people of Vancouver are friendly and health-focused, and tourism is welcomed. Accommodations are easy to find, as well as amazing restaurants serving up a huge range of different cuisines. In the winter, it’s all too easy to find some snow-covered slopes to conquer, and during the summer you’ll find the boisterous crowds enjoying the beach.

Nature Hikes

From Vancouver it’s easy to find hiking paths both for the seasoned climber and for those looking for an easy stroll to enjoy the day. The lush green of the forests and well-maintained paths are enticing to nature enthusiasts and photographers. Be sure to keep an eye out for some of the cool creatures that call this place home, including black bears.

Capilano Cliff Walk

Head further north of Vancouver’s forest to Capilano, where you can enjoy sights from the Capilano Cliff Walk. Explore across the suspension bridge, skirt along the edge of the cliff on the skywalk, and be sure to bring your camera for the most amazing views.

Lynn Canyon Park

Explore British Columbia like a local by visiting Lynn Canyon Park. Open since 1912, this beautiful forest has a suspension bridge of its own, as well as beautiful creeks and rivers, and hiking paths perfect for beginners and pros.

Whistler Mountain

Catch the bright red gondola to the top of Whistler Mountain to enjoy all of your favorite snowsports! Whistler is home to a skiing and snowboarding culture, as well as one of the largest ski resorts in North America.

Butchart Gardens

This magnificent garden houses not only a breathtaking array of perfectly manicured plants, but a variety of birds and unique statues and sculptures. Try to snap a photo of the elusive peacocks that call these grounds home, or catch a jazz performance or firework show.


From touring museums and strolling by waterfront cafes and restaurants to visiting the beautiful Parliament Building and exploring the lovely vineyards, there is plenty to do in Victoria. Be sure to visit its parks and gardens, and maybe go whale watching on a ferry trip to Sooke, a nearby island perfect for outdoor adventures.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Gear up for the expansive Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Covering an impressive 197.3 square miles of land, adventurers can navigate through the three regions, Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands, and the West Coast Trail, to their heart’s delight and feet’s fatigue. The photos will be spectacular, but the journey will be unforgettable.

Yoho National Park

Clamber through the Rocky Mountains as you make your way through Yoho National Park. Seek out stunning waterfalls like Wapta Falls, and be sure not to miss the main attraction, the stunning Emerald Lake!

Manning Provincial Park

Hike through soaring mountains with views worthy of the silver screen while enjoying a stay at Manning Provincial Park. With camping available, as well as ski lodges and resorts, though looking for a snow-dusted adventure can find it here! Enjoy the stunning beauty of British Columbia.

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