8 Photos of Tahiti to Fuel Your Island Fantasies

By Jessica Russo

Ahh, Tahiti. The place where lush forests sit beside bright blue shores. Whether you're in search of leafy jungles, fantastic French cuisine, or secluded palm-lined beaches, this French Polynesian Island is heaven on earth.

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Tahiti is home to a plethora of colorful marine life: manta rays, tropical fish, vibrant coral, impressive whales, and yes - sharks!

This island boasts so much more than just blue water. The center of Tahiti is filled with dense forests, mountainous landscapes, and rushing waterfalls!

Now that's what we'd like to wake up to! Many of the luxurious resorts on Tahiti boast bungalows surrounded by the deep blue sea.

There's nothing that comes close to the experience of a Tahitian sunset. Watch the blue sky turn orangey-pink over the horizon.

Discover the enchanting beauty that lies outside the resorts. Explore Tahiti's lush inland forests!

Tahiti is filled with postcard-worthy views, where land meets sea. Set sail on a boat ride to feast your eyes on unique perspectives.

What's more romantic than a private bungalow nestled in the ocean? Whether you travel to Tahiti for your honeymoon or a much-needed escape, this paradise island will greet you with purity, peace, and beauty.

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