Pronunciation Station: A Guide to Australian Place Names

By Caitlin Hornik

It’s no secret that Australians love a good slang term - probably because the real words are too difficult to pronounce! Here’s a study guide before your big trip Down Unduh!

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Pronunciation: Mel-bin

Most people say it as it’s spelled: Mel-born. Many locals will simply refer to this vibrant city as “Mel.” Learn the correct pronunciation for when you book your trip and tell your friends, “I’m going to Mel-bin!” Then once you get there, play it cool with “Any good restaurant recommendations in Mel?”


Pronunciation: Bris-bn

Similar to Melbourne, Brisbane often is pronounced as it’s spelled: Briz-bayne. The trend is to eliminate extra vowels, resulting in the pronunciation “Bris-bn.”


Pronunciation: Kanz

Forget about the “r.” We don’t know why it’s there either.

Kata Tjuta

Pronunciation: Kah-tah Choor-ta

You’re probably thinking “Huh? Where’d those letters come from?” We wish we knew. BUT! If you have the chance to visit Kata Tjuta National Park for a sunrise and/or sunset, we can pretty much guarantee that it’ll be worth it (confusing name pronunciation aside)!


Pronunciation: Can-bra

Ditch the middle “e” and you’re good to go! The capital city of Australia is a great place to discover the history of this nation! Perhaps you’ll figure out where all of these pronunciations came from!


Pronunciation: Ooh-luh-ROO

Say “kangaroo” out loud. Now say “Ooh-luh-roo.” Helpful? We hope so!



Pronunciation: Wool-uh-mah-loo

Woolloomooloo is a trendy Sydney suburb. With a great foodie scene, beautiful harbour views, and ample opportunities for artists, it’s definitely worth checking out (as long as you can pronounce it correctly!).

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