How to Have an Epic & Stress-Free Road Trip

By Michelle Yastremsky

Whether you’re driving cross-country with the family or taking a road trip through Ireland, here are 9 ways to ensure your path is filled with as few speed bumps as possible.

Know the Emergency numbers. Rental companies will almost always hand you a folder filled with useful information, such as emergency phone numbers (police, ambulance), local tow companies, and maybe even a coupon book! Ask whoever is sitting in your passenger seat to get acquainted with the information in the folder in the beginning of your adventure.

Keep an eye on the gas. Ten miles or 100 – you never know when the next gas station will be! In some cases it could be hundreds of miles until your next fill-up point. Pull over, pick up some local snacks, and go forward with a full tank of gas.

Make a playlist. What’s a road trip without a little car-eoke?

Have a plan, but be flexible. Have a general outline planned, but leave time for impromptu pit stops or surprise recommendations from locals.

Bring a map and a marker. What was life like before Google maps? Technology can sometimes fail us, especially in the most remote locations when we could use it most. That’s why there’s no replacing an old-school map and marker – circle places you want to go, routes you want to take, and maybe add a doodle or two while you’re daydreaming of your next trip.

Follow the billboards. One of the best parts of a road trip is the freedom and flexibility. See that sign for the water park or obscure gift shop two exits away? Follow the signs and say yes to adventure.

Stock up snacks. Pick up your favorite sweets, treats, and eats for the road ahead! Avoid things that perish quickly or have strong odors. If you’re road-tripping in a foreign country, why not fill the car up with local favorites? You’d be surprised at how many outrageous potato chip and candy flavors you’ll find outside of your hometown grocery store.

Designate roles. This should be done before the trip begins. Dole out the responsibilities for a seamless adventure while on the road. Choose someone to be in charge of navigation, entertainment, and of course snacks (see above).

Trash it. Keep the space clean and tidy with an easily accessible trash bin or bag. Replace it every time you stop for gas to avoid clutter and lingering odors.

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