World's Most Romantic Cities

By Michelle Yastremsky

Picturesque alleys, breathtaking sunsets, and buildings that seem to come straight from a storybook… these are the sights sure to capture your heart!

From the canal-laden streets of Venice to postcard-worthy bridges of Prague, here are 12 cities you’re sure to fall in love with.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

An unexpected contender.

While romance may not be the first term that comes to mind when you think of “Amsterdam,” with 165 canals to stroll alongside and 1,281 bridges to cross, there’s no denying the charm of the Netherlands’ capital.
Hop on a bike and pedal your way through this picturesque destination, or charter a house boat bedecked in flowers and see it by water; there’s so much more to see than the infamous red light district!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

"The Pearl of the Adriatic!"

Snake through medieval lanes, dip your toes in the crystal-clear waters, then enjoy a cappuccino while strolling through cobblestone streets, it’s a surprise that it took this long for Dubrovnik to get the attention it deserves!

Kyoto, Japan

From gardens to imperial palaces.

A visit to Kyoto is an adventure for all the senses! The city’s overwhelming beauty is matched only by the rich culture and cuisine overflowing at every corner – truly a destination that’ll make your heart go pitter patter.

Venice, Italy

That’s amore!

A scenic ride on a Venetian gondola, passing by the city’s highlights while a gondolier serenades you with a ballad around Venice - there are few scenes more romantic!

Santorini, Greece

Aegean dream!

Greece is the land of romantic islands, and Santorini is THE most romantic of them all. Enjoy world-famous sunsets while sampling cheeses and olive oil from local farms and groves, all with the Aegean Sea as your backdrop.

Marrakesh, Morocco

From vibrant squares to bustling souks.

The colors, the culture, and the intoxicating aroma of freshly cooked tagine – there’s only one Marrakesh, and it’s ready to steal your heart away.

Paris, France

Fall In Louvre!

No list of romantic cities in the world would be complete without a mention of the “City of Love!” From the famous love locks trend to the undeniably seductive French language, it’s no surprise that Paris is consistently in the running for world’s “most romantic.”

Lucerne, Switzerland

Switzerland’s sweetest!

Arrive in Lucerne and be greeted by its whimsical buildings, with the snow-capped mountains on Lake Lucerne in the background – the perfect recipe for a romantic getaway!

Prague, Czech Republic

Medieval wonders illuminated come twilight.

A blend of medieval beauty with modern charm, Prague is the perfect destination to fall in love with, on your own or with your special someone. Take a walk across the Charles Bridge and be serenaded by street performers as you enjoy sweeping views of the city.

Seville, Spain

See the main square by boat or carriage.

Fall in love with stunning Sevilla, where the flamenco’s hot and the drinks are cool. With its picturesque parks, and buildings overflowing with Moorish influence, your eyes will be in paradise at every corner.

New York City, New York

From sunsets to skyscrapers.

The walk from the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, the NYC skyline illuminated at night, Central Park covered in freshly-fallen snow... New York City is a lover’s dream! The best way to experience the seduction of the city? Find an empty rooftop and take in the views of the skyscrapers as they reach above and beyond plain sight.

Jaipur, India

The Pink City!

From the mesmerizing architecture to the ornate decorations at every corner, India’s famous Pink City will entrance you at every step. Grab your favorite travel buddy and get lost in the spice markets, it’s better together!

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