The Journey is the Destination: Europe's Most Scenic Driving Routes

By Michelle Yastremsky

Most roads exist to get you from point A to point B. There are some, however, that transcend basic driving routes into destination points on their own. These are the roads that have inspired bards, made their way into Hollywood hits, and seduced travelers into embarking on drives that span over several hours or even days.

From the winding roads of Tuscany to Germany’s medieval Romantic Road, you’ll want to add these routes and roads to your Europe bucket list.

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Val d'Orcia • Italy

Vineyards in your rear view mirror.

The winding roads of Tuscany are a marvel to behold. A wonderful idea is to take a journey through the Val d'Orcia region for the most picturesque views as you pass olive groves and vineyards while driving under the famous Tuscan sun.

Golden Circle • Iceland

From geysers to geothermal valleys.

Will you visit active volcanoes or geysers that hurl boiling water up to 230 feet in the air? Or perhaps you'd like to hike around the valley of two tectonic plates? While driving down the most famous tourist route in Iceland, you can do it all!

Cote d'Azur • France

Cities, calanques, and countryside views!

Commonly referred to as the French Riviera, a journey through this popular route takes passerbys through a journey of opulence into the height of Hollywood glamour. You'll pass by iconic Nice, enjoy views of the secluded beaches of Cassis, and perhaps even pay a visit to the aristocratic enclave of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

Causeway Coastal Route • Northern Ireland

Pass by ancient volcanic remnants and vanishing lakes.

Discover Northern Ireland's natural beauty with a ride on this 4-day driving route. You'll also encounter the above short but chilling path of beech trees, known as the Dark Hedges, along your way; Game of Thrones fans may recognize this site as a filming location used for The Kings Road!

Romantic Road • Germany

Like stepping into a fairy tale.

Pass through medieval villages one day, then fairy tale castles the next on this picturesque path in southern Germany. Start from the northern endpoint at Würzburg so your final destination can be the castle which inspired Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Neuschwanstein Castle.

Amalfi Coast • Italy

30 miles of rugged shorelines, scenic cliffs, and seaside cities.

Pastel houses sloping down mountain sides, mysterious grottoes flooded by electric blue waters... see all of this and more with a drive along Italy's stunning Amalfi Coast!

Ring of Kerry • Ireland

From National Parks to abandoned Christian Monasteries.

This breathtaking transportation hub is always on the list for “most beautiful train stations in the world,” and it’s not hard to see why! With its glass vaulted ceilings and lavish towers, a trip to this station is sure to leave visitors in awe. You’ll even find a diamond gallery that houses over 30 diamond shops – a truly luxurious experience!

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