Top 7 Selfie Spots in Berlin

By Jessica Russo

For years, you've seen beautiful pictures of Berlin. I mean, that's what made you want to visit, right? Well, now it's your turn to capture your own.

Hit these 7 spots in Berlin and snap some postcard-worthy pics! Of course, don't forget a few shots of your beer and brats, too.


The TV Tower!

This 1960s tower is a known symbol of the city. Head to Alexanerplantz for some great views (and photo backdrops)!

Berliner Dom

A.K.A. Berlin Cathedral Church

This elaborate 19th-century cathedral is the perfect place for an awesome photo. With the River Spree on your left and Lustgarten on your right, you'll want to take selfies from every angle!

Brandenburg Gate

Architecture, galore!

Feel yourself gasp as you come upon this grand archway! Gawk at this 18th-century landmark boasting 12 columns, classical statues, and all-around majesty. You may need to stand back a bit in order to get the entire sight within your lens' reach.

Oberbaum Bridge


Cross the Spree on this fairytale, castle-like bridge! Walk or take the bright yellow train, then head to the East Side Gate and gaze at it from afar. Walk the bridge in the late afternoon and pose for a selfie as the sunset turns a beautiful orangey-pink.

East Side Gate/Berlin Wall

An international memorial for freedom

What's the East Side Gallery? Oh, you know, only 4,300 feet of the Berlin Wall covered in amazing art! Located near the center of Berlin right near the River Spree, the East Side Gallery has become a popular open-air gallery, as well as a symbol of peace and freedom.

Charlottenburg Palace

The largest palace in Berlin!

Feel like royalty as you stand in front of the grand Charlottenburg Palace! Surrounded by statues, fountains, gardens, and squares, this royal residence is the perfect place to take your next profile pic.

Street Art

Canvas? Concrete walls? Same thing.

Berlin is covered head-to-toe in art. From colorful graffiti to intricate pop-culture murals, you'll find a surprise around every corner. See something you like? Take a picture of - or with - it!

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