5 Destinations to Consider for Your Next Vacation

By Soren Rivero

Have you ever found yourself making it a goal to travel more? We've all been there. Whether it's because life gets too monotonous or you want to learn more about the world, there's always a reason to travel!

Deciding on what is the best place to travel to right now can be quite difficult. There's endless possibilities out there. To help you out, here are 5 countries you should consider for your next vacation.


Thailand is a beautiful country cherished by all types of travelers. If there's one thing that really attracts people, it's the nature. You can't go to Thailand without spending lots of time in the great outdoors!

Along with its natural beauty, there are also thousands of temples scattered across Thailand. As a country that’s predominantly Buddhist, most of the wats (temples endorsed by the state) are Buddhist in nature. However, there are plenty of other religious temples in Thailand, such as those that represent Hindu and Islam religious practices.

The most remarkable thing about the temples in Thailand are how phenomenally constructed and decorated they are. They’re super intricate, highly colorful, and expansive. Some popular ones are White Temple in Chiang Rai, Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, and Tiger Cave Temple in Cravi. Visit any of these temples and you’ll find yourself leaving with a newfound appreciation for life, as well as much needed hope going into the new year.


Did you know that much of Ireland's history is rooted in ancient cultures that date way back into the Earth's very early ages? To no surprise, this means that Ireland is a place full of knowledge and peculiarities that many people from across the world come to learn about. In fact, Ireland is even home to the world's oldest bar.

Arguably the most eye-catching thing in Ireland is the 5,200 year old passage tomb, Newgrange, located in Ireland's ancient east just a few miles away from Dublin. This magnificent work of art has history that's a bit of a paradox – some of its history is very clear, while other parts remain completely unknown. One thing we do know about Newgrange, however, is that it is the world's oldest solar observatory.

Visitors can take a trip to Newgrange to get a slight sense of how ancient art and architecture was formulated way before modern technological advancements. Even if you don't get a chance to visit Newgrange, the country of Ireland is still a fantastic place to explore with its endless castles, rolling hills, and delicious brews.


Argentina is home to a popular set of glaciers, namely Perito Moreno, which resides in Los Glaciares National Park on the southern tip of Patagonia. So popular has this sight become, that in 1981 it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Aside from that, there are deserts, mountains, and other natural terrains farther up north in Argentina. Those who are sensitive to the cold might find a better time up there. Either way, a trip to Argentina might be all that you need to sate your travel cravings.


One of the most peculiar sights in all of the Middle East is the jaw-dropping city of Dubai that combines 21st century technology with the natural desert landscape.

Despite it looking like a futuristic metropolis, this mystical city has a pretty rich and inspiring history. As of now, Dubai is a city that lights up the night sky with its hundreds of skyscrapers, myriad flashing lights, and bustling nightlife.

Before you go clubbing, make sure to browse around at the famous Dubai Mall. It’s one of the city’s most prized activities, something you’ll find locals and visitors alike partaking in.


Guatemala is a country in Central America that shares borders with Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize. The country is known for its rainforests, ancient Mayan ruins and sites, and an ample supply of volcanoes. Those who have a heart for adventuring should definitely visit Guatemala, as the combination of the deep rainforests and magnificent volcanoes will surely make for an unforgettable experience.

The best volcano to visit in Guatemala is Volcan de Acatenango in the southern region of the country. This is also the best place to hike in Guatemala, famous for its fascinating outlook over the dozens of other surrounding volcanoes. The real treasure here is the volcano, named Fuego, which can be seen (from a safe distance) occasionally erupting hot magma thousands of miles into the sky.


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