Visit the Best Beaches in 2023

By Soren Rivero

The 2023 year has crept up on us faster than an ocean’s current during high tide. With that being said, it's the perfect time to start planning what destinations you’ll be traveling to this year.

If your 2023 travel plans happen to include relaxing at a beach, you’ll want to know which ones to keep your eye on. Here are our picks for the top 10 beaches to visit in 2023.

Plaka Beach in Naxos, Greece

One of the lesser visited islands of Greece, Naxos, is a great place to find clean and clear beaches with little to no effort. The island is located in the South Aegean region of Greece and is one of the largest of the Cyclades Islands. You’ll find anything from tall mountains to ancient buildings all across the island, as well as tons of beaches. You’ll find some of the best beaches in Greece on Naxos’ western coast. One of these is Plaka Beach. Simplistic yet satisfying, this beach stretches about 2.5 miles long and features sand dunes just behind the main beach area. People of all ages enjoy the beach, just be aware that some areas (designated) are nudist-friendly.

El Escambrón in San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is the staple tourist destination for anyone who visits Puerto Rico, and though the city is brimming with historical landmarks, you also won't have to search too hard for one of Puerto Rico’s best beaches. Playa El Escambrón is located just minutes away from key attractions, such as Old San Juan. It’s sometimes called Blue Flag Beach because of its affiliation with the Blue Flag Beach Program (which awards beaches or marinas that are clean, managed sustainably, accessible, and promote high-quality services and safety procedures). Snorkeling is the most popular activity to do at Playa El Escambrón, but of course, there’s much more to do. Visiting this beach also means you'll be just minutes away from the iconic Luis Muñoz Rivera Park!

Eagle Beach in Aruba

Just a hint: if you want to visit the best beaches in the world, you’ll want to start by looking at the Caribbean Islands first, especially Aruba. You can find it just bordering the Caribbean Sea off the coast of South America. If white sandy beaches are what you’re looking for, this is the destination you most definitely want to visit – being that Aruba is pretty much synonymous with gorgeous beaches. For the best experience, visit Eagle Beach. Consistently ranked as the best beach in Aruba, Eagle Beach is a large public attraction and a resort neighborhood. Keep your eye on Aruba as you consider which beach is best to visit in 2023.

Camps Bay Beach in Cape Town, South Africa

Across the Atlantic Ocean we have the country of South Africa, diverse in geography with its plateaus and coastlines. Down on the southwestern edge of the country is the beautiful port city of Cape Town under Table Mountain. This city has a few different coastal icons, mainly ports and beaches. Camps Bay Beach is by far the most popular beach in Cape Town due to its beauty and surreal waters that cast an ombre effect. Dazzling blue water with emerald streaks surround the sanded coast, whereas darker blue shades encompass the deeper ends moving towards the sea. Every year, thousands of tourists and locals flock to Camps Bay Beach to marvel at its scenic beauty.

Saadiyat Public Beach on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Long stretches of sand and plenty of nearby attractions makes this next top beach in the world a hit among locals and tourists alike. Located on the northern edge of Saadiyat Island, this gorgeous beach is just a few miles off from mainland Abu Dhabi. Ask anyone about beaches in Abu Dhabi, and they’ll direct you to Saadiyat Public Beach. Some might even say that the beauty and excitement that this beach beholds is more luminous than some of Abu Dhabi’s exclusive private beaches!

Miami Beach in Florida, The United States of America

If there’s one beach in America that you must visit, let it be Miami Beach in Florida. The southern state is regarded as one of the best beach destinations on the North American continent. All thanks to the beaches near urban cities and the famous Florida Keys, of course. But Miami Beach takes the lead due to its incredibly soft white sand and turquoise waters, as well as its close proximity to the South Beach neighborhood that features a bustling social scene, restaurants, bars, and much more.

Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos

The British Overseas Territory island of Turks and Caicos is perhaps most famous for Grace Bay Beach, located on the main island of Providenciales. One visit here and you’ll experience just under five miles of glistening white sand, pristine turquoise waters, and a large coral reef. Additionally, what makes this one of the best beaches in the Caribbean is that it’s attached to Princess Alexandra Marine Park, where you can enjoy snorkeling and searching for marine life.

Dune du Pilat in La Teste-de-Buch, France

Bet you didn’t know that France, famous for its landmarks and fashion, also has some noteworthy beaches! France’s Dune du Pilat is arguably the most interesting beach on this list as well as a top contender for bucket-list worthy beaches in 2023. Dune du Pilat is actually a sand dune, and the largest in all of Europe at that. The sands pile up to 300 ft. tall and are remarkably warm and soft. The heat in France’s warmer months even gives the illusion that the nearby Arcachon Bay’s sands are brimming with golden treasure!

Playa Manuel Antonio in Quepos, Costa Rica

Looking for some Instagram-worthy beach photos? Playa Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica has you covered. The backdrop of this beach consists of hundreds of tall and vividly-green trees that complement the white sands and blue waters very nicely. Even better, the image of the setting sun during the evening is almost too good to be true. The beach is also right next to the Manuel Antonio National Park that’s home to some of Costa Rica’s cutest and most unique jungle animal species. Sometimes monkeys will even emerge from the rainforest to visit beachgoers on the shores. They may be cute, but be sure to avoid giving them any of your food!

Pantai Gunung Payung in Bali, Indonesia

A great option for those who want to visit a secluded beach in 2023 is Pantai Gunung Payung on the southern tip of Bali. This isolated beach is overlooked by large cliffs covered in green foliage and fauna. You can access the beach only from a few points, but getting there is rather easy thanks to local construction. The beach itself is rather simple with only a few miles of white-sand. What most people say, though, is that is exactly what makes this one of the best beaches in 2023! Whether you want an isolated time to relax on the shores of Indonesia or want a quiet honeymoon, this is the perfect place for you.


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