The Best Beaches in Malta to Visit

By Kenya Barrett

Malta is an underrated vacation destination in Europe filled with a slew of gorgeous beaches and idyllic scenery.

If a visit here is at the top of your travel bucket list this year, then read on to learn about some of the best beaches in Malta!

St. George’s Bay - St. Julian

This excellent Blue Flag beach is located in the St. Julian region of Malta. The beach is conveniently located a stone’s throw from the vibrant city of Paceville, known as St. Julian’s entertainment hub. St. George’s Bay is perfect for sunbathing and those interested in snorkeling the cerulean waters of the Mediterranean. After enjoying the shores, visitors can easily retreat to Paceville to engage in its lively nightlife scene.

Blue Lagoon - Comino Island

The Blue Lagoon, located on the Maltese island of Comino, is by far one of the best places to visit in Malta. The lagoon is situated on the Northwestern side of the island and has become one of Malta’s most iconic tourist attractions – so don’t be alarmed if it's crowded when you arrive. Unlike a few of the other beaches in Malta, the Blue Lagoon is mostly rocky, with scattered patches of sand here and there. As such, we wouldn’t recommend a day of sunbathing, but it is a perfect destination to snorkel, swim, and snap Instagram-worthy photos.

Golden Bay Beach - Mellieha

One of the most popular beaches in the Manikata region of Malta is Golden Bay Beach. This Blue Flag white sand beach is home to numerous beach clubs, restaurants, and water sports, making it a perfect way to entertain visitors exploring these shores for the first time. Also a family-friendly beach, lifeguards are present during the summer months to provide supervision to travelers and natives.

St. Peter’s Pool - Dellimara Peninsula

Like the Blue Lagoon, St. Peter’s Pool is less of a sunbathing beach and more of a swimming and soaking destination. As the name suggests, St. Peter’s Pool has built quite a reputation for itself as being one of the top bathing spots in all of Malta. Located at the tip of Delimara Point, this natural pool offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and slabs of limestone rocks that can serve as a diving board or a resting spot.

Ramla Beach - Gozo Island

Ramla Beach is known as one of Malta’s most popular beaches and is located on the island of Gozo. What makes this beach more unique than the rest is its long stretch of red sand and its unusual seclusion. Unlike the other beaches in Malta, Ramla Beach isn’t surrounded by tons of beach clubs and restaurants. Instead, the area is rather quaint and features a few small cafes with views of Gozo’s vast countryside. If you’re looking for a quieter beach with an exclusive feel, then Ramla is the perfect choice.

Ghadira Beach - Mellieha

Ghadira Beach holds the title of Malta’s largest and busiest. Known for its safe and shallow waters, this beach is perfect for families or individuals who aren’t the strongest of swimmers. The beach offers many amenities, including sunbed and umbrella rentals as well as showers for visitors. Patrons can also enjoy beachside service, which includes cocktails and food that can be brought straight to your sunbed! If you love watersports, then Ghadira Beach is full of different options to choose from.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay - Mgarr

This Blue Flag beach is located on Malta’s gorgeous Northwestern coast and bears red sand – similar to Ramla Beach. “Ghajn Tuffieha” literally translates to Apple’s Eye, which is fitting considering how picturesque this spot is. Like all Blue Flag beaches, visitors can expect a clean environment with amenities including food, watersport activities, and ample parking. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay is a more secluded beach and is generally frequented by Maltese natives. Nonetheless, it's still a wonderful beach to experience if you’re in the area.

San Blas Bay - Gozo Island

San Blas Bay holds its reputation as one of the sunniest beaches on the island of Gozo. Like many of the beaches on this island, visitors can snorkel through its crystal clear waters or picnic on its soft, reddish sands during the summer. Unlike the other beaches in Malta, San Blas Bay is quite difficult to get to due to its isolated location. Travelers who would like to experience the beach must enter through the village of Nadur, where they'll travel along a narrow path that ends at the steep end of a hill. As such, San Blas Bay remains a tranquil destination for those who can get there.


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