The 15 Best Destinations for Summer 2022 Travel

By Soren Rivero

The year is 2022. Summer is slowly approaching, and you’re wondering where in the world you should visit for this year’s vacation.

Plenty of countries have opened their borders and are welcoming travelers to explore during this beautifully warm season. Not sure where to take your adventures this year? This guide will cover 15 of the best destinations for summer 2022 travel!

Tulum, Mexico

Many parts of Mexico are ideal for summer travel, especially those along the Yucatan Peninsula where beaches are plentiful, particularly in Tulum. Located on the very eastern coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula, this unique city is known for its ancient Mayan ruins, jungle adventures, and beautiful white-sand beaches.

If you’re looking for the best destination for summer travel in 2022 that’s filled with history and excitement, you should definitely consider Tulum. The most iconic part of this city are the preserved Mayan ruins which rest on a cliff directly facing the sun. Afterwards, you can relax at the beach overlooked by the ruins. And don’t forget to take a swim in one of the many magical cenotes around the peninsula!

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a city in California with a rich diversity of people, culture, and things to do. It’s an iconic city known for the incredible amount of opportunities, complemented by some of the west coast’s most beautiful beaches.

Take your adventures to the coastal area if you want to visit some of the best beaches in California, such as Malibu or Venice Beaches. Santa Monica is also a great contender, where you can see the dazzling lights of the pier shining across the ocean water. Other must-see destinations in Los Angeles include the incredibly famous Sunset Boulevard (Hollywood), Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and Universal Studios.

Cape Town, South Africa

Some places in the world stay warm throughout the year despite the seasons changing, such as the entire African continent. But what makes some locations, such as Cape Town in South Africa, the best places to visit in the summer, are their warmth without intense humidity. If you’re looking for a summer safari getaway this summer without sweating up a storm, this destination is for you!

Similar to other parts of Africa, Cape Town has a beautifully diverse ecosystem. There’s plenty of luscious green forests, bright blue lakes and ponds, unique wildlife, and even rocky mountains. One of the best places to visit is Table Mountain in Cape Town, where you can sit on a large rock and gaze at the glorious lands below.

Sydney, Australia

If you’ve ever seen those incredibly picturesque postcards of Australia’s beaches with breathtaking views of blue waters and crystal clear air, chances are it was a picture of Sydney.

Aside from the magnificent landscape, Sydney is also known for its iconic Opera House and lively food culture. The Sydney Opera House is by far one of the must see landmarks in all of Australia as it’s become an iconic landmark known by people all across the world.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you should take your summer journey to the very northern tip of Australia to visit the famous Great Barrier Reef. This is the perfect way to cool down during your summer trip to Australia as temperatures can rise very high. Activities like snorkeling, sailing, and air tours are quite popular –just keep in mind that the Great Barrier Reef is prone to environmental destruction, so do your best to be an eco-friendly tourist!

Madrid, Spain

Ah, Madrid— the capital of Spain and one of Europe’s most wondrous cities. Filled with incredible architecture, ancient artwork, plenty of history, and streets that look like they came straight from a movie, there’s many things to do in Madrid during the summer months.

You can start off your Madrid adventure by taking a tour throughout the city, where a guide can point out the most iconic landmarks and teach you a little bit about them. You can then watch a flamenco show(the country’s prized art style) at night after participating in a wine tour at one of the many local wineries throughout the city. If you want to see a few famous locations in Madrid, aim for El Puerto del Sol (the Gateway of the Sun), Palacio Real, Gran Via, and the world famous square, Plaza Mayor.

French Polynesia

Looking for the perfect island getaway for your summer vacation? Consider French Polynesia!

Composed of over 80 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia has all the necessary activities and accommodations for an excellent summer vacation. Bora Bora and Tahiti are among the two most recommended and popular islands, though nearly every island has something unique to offer. Whichever island you choose (or if you visit many of them), French Polynesia is one of the best destinations for summer 2022 travel. We recommend staying at a bungalow resort in Bora Bora and then scuba diving in crystal clear waters, or chasing waterfalls in Tahiti after enjoying some fresh tropical fruit.

Hell, Norway

Remember that one argument you had with someone, quite some time ago, over something really unbelievable? Did you say you’d believe it if, and only when, hell freezes over?

As it turns out, Hell is a location in Norway and nearly completely freezes over in winter. However, it is one of the coolest destinations to visit during the summer. It rests in the middle of Norway, just outside of Trondheim. Taking a picture at the train station where a big sign reads ‘Hell’ is something everyone should cross off their bucket list — also an ironic place to go if someone tells you to “go to Hell.” So if you want a cool place to visit in the summer that’s not hot, this is for you!


The gorgeous archipelago of Hawaii is filled with vibrant island culture, fresh local cuisine, and dazzling natural wonders. You'll find paradise on any of the islands here, but our top pick would be Honolulu, found on the island of Oahu.

Stroll around the vast Kualoa Ranch Nature Reserve where blockbuster movies like Jurassic Park and Jumanji were filmed, or walk on the wild side at the Honolulu Zoo. There are countless beautiful beaches to enjoy, particularly Waikiki Beach and Secret Island Beach. Adventurers will love the volcanic hiking at Diamond Head Volcano, while history buffs will appreciate the iconic Pearl Harbor.

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Looking for another one of the best summer destinations for summer travel that isn’t hot? There’s many of these throughout the North American continent, but Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is one of the more unique ones.

Mammoth Cave is a low population city in the heart of Kentucky, just a few miles above Glasgow. As of April 2022, Mammoth Cave is still the worlds’ longest cave system known to humankind, stretching farther than 400 miles (also a UNESCO heritage site). A tour can last up to seven hours and will still not take you through even a quarter of the entire system. The city of Mammoth cave is “more than just a cave” though, with rolling hills, diverse animal life, and thousands of years' worth of peculiar human history behind it.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is always a great contender for some of the best destinations to visit in the summer, with 2022 being no different at all. For those living in the United States, Puerto Rico makes for an even better summer vacation idea as you don’t need to worry about having a passport.

Stop by some of the gorgeous beaches on this island for an experience like no other. You can also visit the El Yunque Rainforest to learn and see some indigenous wildlife, making your trip not only exciting but also educational. We also recommend you try visiting the island of Vieques. Beautiful by itself, true, but the real spark of this island is the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay on the southern shore.

Before you leave Puerto Rico, don’t forget to visit Old Town San Juan!

Costa Rica

While you can’t expect a winter wonderland while taking a summer vacation to Costa Rica, the months of June-September are the absolute best times to visit this beautiful country. Known for its incredible number of national parks and hosting over 5% of the world’s biodiversity, this unique country will be one of the best places to visit in summer 2022. Over 30 national parks exist in Costa Rica, among them are the incredibly alluring and popular Manuel Antonio, Tortuguero, Ballena Marine National Parka and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

If you’re looking for what activities to do at national parks in Costa Rica, you have a handful of options. Zip lining, hiking, river rafting, kayaking, and sightseeing are among the more popular ones, though activities can vary depending where you go. Aside from national parks, you can visit the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica such as Tamarindo and Jaco Beaches. And before you go, don’t forget to taste some of the delicious tropical fruit and local coffee located around the country!

London, England

Is there even a bad time to visit one of the United Kingdom’s most famous destinations, London?

London has so much to offer and is truly a must-see destination for everyone from all walks of life. Listing what this historically-significant and beautiful city has in terms of activities would take far too long. However, no trip to London would be complete without visiting some must experience attractions. These include the Tower of London, Churchill War Rooms, London Bridge, Big Ben, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. London is also great for all the fun summer festivals that take place, so be sure to look some up before you snag a ticket!


Home to the world’s first ever underwater spa, Maldives is an excellent place to visit during the summer season. This country is made up of over 1,000 islands, some of which are inhabitable. A handful of them are also divided into atolls, which are ring shaped reefs, islands, or chains of islands surrounded by coral.

Diving and swimming are among the most popular activities here. You can also visit the ancient mosques or late night markets in Male for a deeper look at the country’s culture.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh—the famous red city, known for its luxurious lifestyle due to the elegant palaces, colorful markets, and historical museums.

A stay in Marrakech is all you need to feel like royalty. For the best experience, you’ll want to visit some of the souks around the medina (city), which are open-air markets or bazaars. What makes them so special are not only the various colored stalls with unique trinkets and other items, but the buildings and ramparts made from red clay which gave the city its nickname: the red city. Finally, you can’t leave without visiting Jemma el-Fna square, the city’s most vibrant marketplace.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is quite popular for being a skiing and snowboarding dream destination thanks to the ample snow the city gets throughout the year. But in the summer, temperatures are actually within a fairly mild zone, ranging from 70F to 85F.

For some unique summer-friendly activities, consider the Celebration of Light, an international fireworks competition spanning over three nights. The date for this festivity varies, though usually occurs in late July through mid-August. Next, you have the must-see parties and festivals surrounding Canada Day on July 1st. If partying isn’t your thing, you can head up north of Vancouver to Whistler Mountain for some of the best hiking trails in Canada. Combined with a friendly and accommodating environment, Vancouver is one of the best destinations for summer 2022 travel.

Where will you travel this summer?


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