The Most Instagrammable Travel Destinations

By Joshua Rivero

There are so many places in the world that you can’t refuse to photograph — Earth has numerous natural beauties that’ll inspire anyone’s wanderlust! Combine that with all the destinations rich in culture, and we’re awarded with a planet full of photo opportunities.

Sometimes these photos simply stay in our camera rolls without a clear purpose, and sometimes we scroll nostalgically through each one. Luckily, advancements in technology have brought us social media! These apps, particularly Instagram, help us share our adventures with the world.

If you're looking for the best Insta-worthy photos, here are some of the most Instagrammable travel destinations on Earth!

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is a country filled with plenty of photo-friendly spots. From the bottom of the island to the tip of Hokkaido, your camera roll will be filled with tons of memories after visiting Japan!

There’s one place that's especially photo-friendly, the most common city people think of when they hear of Japan — none other than Tokyo! Many activities are available in this wonderful city filled with neon lights and delicious cuisine. Walking through the streets of Tokyo will leave you with such an enchanted feeling in your heart, you’ll never want to leave.

Whether you’re a professional or casual photographer, this place is film paradise. You can visit the numerous majestic temples such as Sensō-ji, which host traditional weddings and other festivities. These temples are also great places to get shots of people in traditional Japanese clothing.

Be sure to also visit the whimsical streets of Harajuku, where wild meets fashionable. Here you’ll find people dressed up in bright colors, unique outfits, cosplay, and more. Something to keep in mind: this place is best visited when crowded.

Lastly, the ever-famous Shibuya Crossing. Millions of people take photos of this wondrous street every year — and for good reasons. Right in the heart of Tokyo itself, this street perfectly captures the city's essence.

New York City, United States

Ever wondered why NYC is one of the most popular tourist destinations for U.S. citizens and foreigners alike? Well, besides the vast number of activities to do, this unique city is truly one of a kind.

A metropolis like no other — New York City has tons of spots to take Instagram-worthy photos that we can write a whole book about! Plus, combined with the neon lights of Times Square and the diverse population throughout each borough, all combine to make NYC the city that never sleeps.

Grand Central Station is always busy, as it’s one of the most famous train terminals in all of New York! Chances are, you’ve recognized it from countless film scenes that have been shot there, such as The Avengers, Glee, and Men in Black II.

Next, we move towards Brooklyn: DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass). This is a magnificent spot for selfies because of how unique the layout is. Located on Water Street and Washington street, you’ll see a nearly perfect view of Washington Bridge that frames the Empire State Building as well. This place is so popular in fact, that people line up just to get a selfie — not to mention, it’s got some of the best pizza in Brooklyn!

And of course — Times Square! Known for its artistic presence, where the New Year’s Eve ball drops and iconic stores like the M&M Factory and Saks Fifth Avenue await. One shot of Times Square and you’ll be amazed by what you can capture!

Mumbai, India

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams (also called Mayanagri) because of its ample amount of opportunities for citizens and migrants alike. Aside from that — Mumbai is also home to Bollywood. Just another reason to go take some fantastic photos!

This city is a perfect mix of traditional and modern architecture, which gives tourists plenty of options for some snazzy photos. Arguably the most famous location for photography is the historical Gateway of India. This beauty is a sight to behold with the numerous pigeons flooding the sky, painted across a distraction-free area right next to a body of water. A photo taken here is truly breathtaking.

Alternatively, there are some superb places you can take great travel photos while observing common life. Some of the most notable photo ideas are the Mumbai Trains and the numerous cafés, most of which maintain an authentic and vintage atmosphere.

Cape Town, South Africa

This city is armed to the teeth with beautiful landscapes and flamboyant streets, which makes a trip to Cape Town all that much more exciting.

Known as the “Mother City” in South Africa, Cape Town is a bountiful city with plenty of history and culture to learn about. In line with history, it is here where you can visit the Slave Lodge Museum where the slave trade started back in 1652. Southeast Asian slaves were brought here by European colonialists, eventually opening up South Africa for settlement. A marvelous sight to see and learn, all while paying respect to the native people of Cape Town and their history.

Tourists may also be interested in taking pictures of the Table Mountain in Cape Town. It’s an oddity amongst other types of mountains because of its unique shape, making it super Instagram-worthy!

Be sure to also visit Robben Island in Table Bay, home to plenty of rich history (it’s even a World Heritage Site)!

Machu Picchu, Peru

While not exactly a city like the other destinations, Machu Picchu deserves an honorary mention for numerous reasons. One of those being, well, it’s insanely beautiful.

This spectacular sight is an Incan citadel that lays upon the Andes Mountains in Peru. It was a native settlement in the 15th century before the Incas had abandoned it to evade Spanish conquistadors. Rediscovered by accident by explorers in the 20th century, Machu Picchu is now known as the “Lost City” and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Brilliant, ancient architecture makes up this citadel. It’s one of the most mesmerizing tourist attractions in all of South America, and perhaps the world. Taking pictures here can’t fully capture the awesomeness that this once great city has — but will definitely serve as an unforgettable reminder.

There’s much more Instagrammable travel destinations out there in the world, more than one can even touch on. This Earth is a beautiful place to witness, and luckily, we have technology to help us capture these moments. So go forth, book your trip now and take those Instagram pics!

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