The Top Cities to Visit in Canada

By Soren Rivero

Canada is the second largest country in the world and has a total of 10 provinces, with multiple cities and plenty of things to do.

A trip to Canada will reward you with unforgettable experiences – though it’s easy to get tripped up figuring out what to do in Canada, with all the possibilities. To take away some of your worries, we’ve compiled a short list of the top cities to visit in Canada!


Toronto is the first city that should definitely be placed on your schedule. This city is stationed in the center of Ontario and is home to many famous landmarks, such as the Royal Ontario Museum and Niagara Falls.

There are plenty of other great activities in Toronto, most notably the CN Tower. It’s the highest skyscraper in the West, expanding to about 18,000 feet high. Take a trip there when the sun is heading down and you can witness the beauty of the metropolis during sunset!

Speaking of the beautiful metropolis, don't forget about the night life! Toronto is known for its vast amount of opportunities, buzzing city streets, and unique destinations at every corner that’ll satisfy any craving. Whether you want to feast on Canadian delicacies or indulge in the music/arts scenes, Toronto has it all!

Before you leave, be sure to visit Lake Ontario. It's the largest body of water in Toronto and draws in tourists from all over. The numerous ships, lights, and wildlife dancing across the sunset will be the perfect souvenir that’ll make you say, “I want to visit again!”


Known as the cultural capital of the entire Canadian landmass, Montreal is another must-visit city. This predominantly French-speaking city is located right in the heart of Quebec.

This city celebrates Québécois style, which draws inspiration from France and other European countries. Montreal is booming with cultural diversity and friendly faces, so don’t be hesitant to make new connections while venturing through the streets!

Just like Toronto, Montreal doesn’t fall short of unique activities to do and attractions to see. The most iconic thing to see (just ask anyone that lives there) is the oldest Catholic church in all of Canada: the Notre Dame Basilica. Built in 1656, this church shows off the architectural and artistic mastery of the 17th century.

You can also take a stroll through Old Montreal where the cobblestone streets are a reminder of Canada’s rich historic past. Here you’ll see plenty of landmarks, historic buildings, old architecture, and of course, quaint cafés and restaurants.

The Montreal Botanical Garden also deserves a place on your list. Have you ever seen that famous sculpture of a goddess made from plants? She lives here, and you can visit her!


Calgary is one of the most unique places to see in all of Canada. Located in the Alberta province in the western part of Canada, it’s easy to see how the location has influenced its culture.

One of the quirks about Calgary is its pioneer (and almost cowboy-like) culture. But don’t let that fool you, Calgary is no Western desert-town. In fact, Calgary has one of the youngest populations in all of Canada, the median age being around 37 years old.

Be sure to visit the Heritage Park Historical Village! Everything to do here is situated in the name itself, where you can experience the history and culture of this unique Canadian city. There are steam trains, farm animals, antique shops, and more to enjoy.

If you time your trip perfectly, you might get a chance at seeing the Calgary Stampede. This event is pretty much a large-scale rodeo filled with activities. There’s chuckwagon racing, games, carousels, foodstands, and even agricultural shows!

Don't forget to visit Banff National Park, one of the most beautiful parks in North America. The scenery will leave you in awe and wishing you could stay just one more minute to capture it all. The plentiful ice fields and glaciers are sights to behold, as they paint the water here a marvelous turquoise hue. If that doesn’t captivate you, just want until the sun sets. The silhouette of the Rocky Mountains decorated across the horizon sky will bring you a sense of serenity you can’t get anywhere else.


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