The Top Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

By Dana Perkiss

Still wondering about your next Caribbean vacation destination? Consider Puerto Rico, an incredible island filled with beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, sensational cuisine, and vibrant culture. If you need further encouragement, here are some of the top reasons to visit Puerto Rico!

Wonderful Weather

Year-round sun and an average of 80 °F? Sign us up! The weather in Puerto Rico is phenomenal; boasting a tropical climate, it hardly gets under 70 °F, though hurricane season in the summer can disrupt travel to Puerto Rico.

Strikingly Beautiful Beaches

It’s no surprise that there are endless beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico being that there are 270 miles of coastline on this Caribbean island. Isla Verde and Flamenco Beach are some of the nicest beaches in Puerto Rico, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Lounge on the sandy shores, try surfing, or simply drink a piña colada while dipping your toes in the water.

Incredible Food

With a sensational blend of Caribbean, Spanish, African, and Asian influences, Puerto Rican cuisine is dynamically delicious. The island boasts the freshest seafood and tropical fruits, plus plenty of hearty rice dishes. Its national dish is arroz con gandules (Puerto Rican rice with pigeon peas), but the unofficial national dish would be mofongo.

Old San Juan

In Puerto Rico’s capital city of San Juan you’ll find Old San Juan, a charming historic district known for its impressive fortifications and colonial architecture. The city is a National Historic Landmark District and is definitely one of the best places to visit in the Caribbean. Experience some of the best things to do in Old San Juan by strolling around colorful cobblestone streets, marveling at the staggering Castillo San Felipe del Morro, and experiencing vibrant local life in Plaza de Armas.

See Bioluminescent Waters

Did you know there are only five bioluminescent bays in the world, and three are in Puerto Rico? Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Laguna Grande in Fajardo, and La Parguera in Lajas all provide the opportunity to marvel at glowing bioluminescent waters, with kayaking being the most popular way to experience the magic.

Explore a Tropical Forest

Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Forest is particularly unique in that it’s the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System. It features a wide range of biodiversity with tons of indigenous plant and animal species, as well as plenty of walking trails to hike around. Exciting adventures await here including ziplining, horseback riding, natural pools, and more.

No Passport Needed

If you’re wondering “do I need a passport to go to Puerto Rico?” the answer, if you’re a U.S. citizen, is no! Since Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., you don’t need a passport to travel in Puerto Rico – giving you one less thing to worry about.

No Currency Exchange Needed

On the note of what’s not needed for a Puerto Rico vacation, currency exchange! As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico also uses the USD, meaning you won’t have to deal with exchange rates or foreign transaction fees. A trip to Puerto Rico couldn’t be easier!

Now that you know some of the top reasons to visit Puerto Rico, are you ready to book your next Caribbean vacation?


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